The Crowe’s Nest

Rosemary is one of my favorite herbs. The fragrant aroma that it brings to a house is astounding, but the taste it leaves in food is even better. I was fortunate to gain a sizable amount of fresh rosemary from a friend. She has beautiful bushes in her back yard, but they had quite literally run amok and she needed to give a lot away. Her family graciously allowed our group to do a Lughnasdha ritual at her house, so it also gave her plenty of people to give springs upon sprigs of rosemary.

Since acquiring the rosemary, I allowed it to dry on its own. I used some before it had the chance to dry by using it in a lamb roast. I love a nice delicate lamb with rosemary. I don’t see why people would ruin it with mint jelly since the flavor with the rosemary is enough. The roast was bound by twine, and I wove the rosemary on the inside of the twine. I also placed some inside the roast so that the flavor was melted all the way through it. A little salt and pepper to go along with it and in the oven it went for several hours at 350. My family from the smallest member to the oldest member absolutely loved it.

Rosemary though has many more qualities than just for a flavor enhancer. There were many brides in the 13th century that wore the crowns of rosemary. There are also medicinal uses and even some great spell casting using rosemary. That is what I want to bring to you in this article as well as a recipe or two.

Rosemary has many attributes that are great for spell casting. Many involve fidelity and can ward off jealousy. I know that from my area, many use rosemary to cleanse before using a ritual tool. You can make oil out of it using your basic olive oil and the twigs from the rosemary and keep it outside all three nights of the full moon. Once it has soaked in the light of the moon, bless the rosemary oil by saying, “From ritual to every day, bless this oil in every way. Make it generous, make it grand. It blesses tools and hand. Blessed Lord and Lady as I will it so mote it be.” Repeat a total of three times.

Medicinal uses are wide and vary. It can be made into an ointment for eczema, rheumatism, sores, bruises and other wounds. It can be made in a tea by combining one part rosemary, one part black Irish tea and one part rose hips. This is great for any digestive problems and can even double as an expectant (similar to muscinex).  Just remember that too much rosemary can be irritating to the stomach, so use in moderation.

Now, for a great hair product, you could also use Rosemary. I personally love the smell of it, and it has added benefits than those of the olfactory solution. Rosemary added with oils to massage into the scalp to stimulate hair growth. If you want to use it as a shampoo it can be mixed with borax. This does make the hair seem very shiny and healthy. If you have a hard time with dandruff, you could also try mixing the twigs of rosemary with the twigs of mint in vinegar in a tight bottle.  You will want to leave it out of the direct sunlight for a week before using it, but it will do wonders to your hair.

There are other purposes for the rosemary that are household use. You can add it to your drawers to add a benefit of keeping moths out of your clothes. It definitely beats mothballs in my opinion.  You can put it under your pillow to help you remember your dreams or stave off nightmares. Rosemary’s fragrance has been known to stimulate the brain so using the scent while you study or are tending to a task that you want to remember is beneficial. You can wear some as a perfume for special occasions where you want to make a lasting impression. If given to a friend or family member who is leaving, it is symbolic that you will not soon forget them.

So, in closing whether you need a great symbolic gift to a parting friend or a cure for that constant coughing and hacking you have, rosemary is the answer. It also tastes great in chicken! Rosemary is the great cure to many questions that have been had and I hope that it gives you as much pleasure as it has me thanks to my wonderful friend, Lona.