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Is Mediatation just another Form of Manifestation?

Almost everyone wants to be successful. And whilst the focus of success varies from one person to the next it is a basic philosophy that hard work and focus are the key to success. But very recently people have discovered a thing called manifestation meditation, a meditative process of making our goals materialize through a shifting of thought patterns.

Manifestation meditation is when you direct your thoughts towards what you want to achieve in life so that it becomes intimately aware of what you desire from life. This is very different from when you have so many random thoughts that your brain gets confused. With this form of therapy you are so far from the noise of society that you can easily focus your thoughts on what you want.

But manifestation meditation is not as easy as thinking about what you desire and just leaving it at that. There are steps that should be followed if anything substantial is going to come out of it. The very first thing you should do is go somewhere quiet and think about what sort of success you want. This will help to spell out to your mind exactly what you want. Write your vision of success down and then pin up the piece of paper on a wall of your room.

After deciding on your goal you should then detach yourself again and sit down to silence. Becoming relaxed helps to make your vision of success clearer than ever before. The mind works a whole lot better with silence and certainty; clogging your mind with random thoughts confuses the brain making it unable to manifest dreams in the exact manner you imagine them. Some people actually associate their success with an image or thought that fills them with compassion; the belief is that this burning passion has a powerful energy.

Once you’re relaxed and calm the next thing you should do is imagine your success. Be sure to eradicate any distracting thoughts that might offset your imagination. The vision you hold in your mind should be clear and you must think about that thought for the remaining period of your meditation.

To make the meditation more powerful you should clip out pictures associated with your vision of success. Cut out pictures of the car you want and attach them to your piece of paper. Another thing is that you must focus on your imagined success throughout your day as you take the necessary steps that will help you achieve your success.

Remember practise makes perfect and remember that you’ll never win the lottery through intent if you never buy a ticket to begin with!

Bright Blessings