November, 2014

Merry Meet!

November, 2014



Welcome to the November Issue of PaganPages



In This Issue…


We introduce a new Oils, Incense, & Herbs column – Scentsations

Learn about the Magick in your Smile in Spellcrafting:  Spells & Rituals

The Enchanted Cottage share’s a Protection for the Witch’s Home

Make a Spell Board with Witchcrafting


We are always looking for new columnists at PaganPages.  If you have ever been interested in writing, art, photography, and have knowledge you would like to share, pitch us your ideas!

Currently we have openings in the following departments:

Herbal Columnist:  Writer is to discuss herb/s monthly, giving healing & magickal properties,  recipes/crafts may be included.  All ideas are welcome.

God’s & Goddesses:  Writer is to discuss a God or Goddess monthly.  May include myths, pictures, correspondences.

Advice Columnist:  Writer will answer questions written to them from readers.

Movie & TV Reviewer  Writer will review pagan themed as well as paranormal movies & television shows.

Podcast Reviewer:   Writer will discuss the hot topics on the pagan podcasts monthly, as well as review different podcasts.

If you are interested in any of these positions, or a column of your own idea, email us at [email protected]



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Nelland Living

November, 2014

Samhain Fashion: The Hobo

The newest outfit in my artistic Samhain collection is this, the hobo. Strongly inspired by Charlie Chaplin, but in a modern and streamlined way.



?  Black is the color of my Samhain palette, and with this I go all the way. The look is quite masculine, as I like to play with the theme every now and then.




?  Makeup is quite strong and only shades of grey and brown are used, but to balance out masculinity, applied in a feminine way. Androgyne is not the way I´m going for. The earrings are nearly unisex, and the only piece of jewelry worn with the outfit (hobos can´t afford much, you know. =)




?  These combat boots are nine years old, and I have faithfully worn them every winter. They are in fact men´s shoes, so they go particularly well with this style. A good example of how a well thought through sense of style – your own that is – lasts from decade to another and beyond, and can help save the planet with consuming less by holding on to the best. No matter what the fashion industry says.




?   The shirt is made of two layers of jersey. The top one has holes in it, giving it a worn out sense so essential to this look. But it´s also a bit sexy, which is something I like to keep to a minimum at work. And yes, this outfit is designed to be a working girl´s best friend at Samhain.




?  I felt like a hat was a must, and what else do men these days wear other than beanies? So a beanie it is, and this one actually warms me right up too being made of fleece.




?  The pant fabric is actually quite luxurious velvet. It keeps the look on the sophisticated side, without shouting out too loud. I do want to be remembered by my quality taste rather than being a slutty mess…  =)

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Finding the Pagan Way

November, 2014

I often wonder what it is that makes some people spend their whole lives searching for truth or enlightenment. For myself, I believe it was an effort to justify the feeling of being ‘different’ from those around me. Now I can accept that I am neither better or worse than those around me. I am simply fascinated by the challenge of making sense of a very complicated universe.
My own father disparaged the idea of any fairness in the world. I disagreed totally.
Intuitively, it seemed to me that there had to be a pattern and a plan to the world.
In the ideas of spiritual evolution and reincarnation, I saw a process that might make sense of all the suffering around me.
Strangely, it was the writings of Aleister Crowley that persuaded me that we had much more power over our lives than most of us realised. Were all those who claimed to witness miraculous healing and other strange happenings totally deluded? I began to experiment with magic, while still making a determined study of the various schools of psychology.
I read the tarot cards for many people and I was puzzled by the incredible accuracy of the readings.
I wondered if it was telepathy. I used to sit upstairs on a bus, as it slowly travelled through the centre of Dublin and stare at people to see how many became aware of my gaze. Over sixty percent of people looked around immediately. About another twenty percent looked around before the bus passed them, but too late to count as a “hit”. But, simple telepathy had to be ruled out by the many occasions that confirmations came long after I had given tarot readings.
The ‘I Ching’ proved a useful Oracle, and the appropriateness of the hexagrams was impressive.
Obviously, there is some mechanism by which people may steer their way through life, but if people had power, why did they so often fail to use it in their own favour. Were we truly choosing our own path to pay back some sort of Karmic debt/. The idea of souls choosing the challenges of their next life is quite a common one. Or was it just some type of divine punishment for past mistake and crimes? I really could not decide.

How Many Lives

A thousand lifetimes filtered into rhyme,
Scattered memories across the span of time.
Do I dream?, or are they fleeting glimpses of a stream of lives that really were.
Am I mad, and indeed, if madness brings such clarity of vision,
Do I care?

So many wars, as if the lust for blood has run unceasingly throughout my veins.
So much violence, all too many suicides, and so much pain.
Have I truly learned from all of this, or was it all in vain?.
Are there lessons I must learn again, and yet again?
I do not know.

This vessel I inhabit, this aging body, I call me.
Is all That I am certain of, the rest is gone, or yet to be.
This body is my altar, this mind is all I know.
This fading life, the only one I now possess.
The only path I have to go.

Though this path be strewn with petals, or with thorns, this path is mine.
But, it is my choice to play the hero or the villain, or to dull the pain with wine.
Sometimes on those dark and dreadful days, I wish this trail of tears would end.
Those morbid times I wonder if the gods and Goddess truly are my friends.
Those awful days that sorrow seems to have no end.

Then those, days of glory, dawn with pink and golden rays that turn the world into a wonderland.
Or clear, still nights beneath a bright expansive moon, that paints the trees with silver strands.
Those times when possibilities are shining for us bright and clear.
And we awaken to the love around us and the people and ideals that we hold dear,
Then, suddenly, the path ahead of us seems very clear.

Patrick W Kavanagh

By the age of sixteen I was living what was almost a schizophrenic existence. I was working, in what was then, a highly paid job for a manual worker. A good friend and mentor, Norman Croakes, was a shop steward where I worked and also a member of the communist party. We spent many breaks discussing socialism and politics. And usually after work, I would spend the rest of the day drinking with workmates.
My mother had never recovered from her grief, and had relapse after relapse, and would end up being signed into hospital for her own protection. Each time I would clear all the unpaid bills and try to establish some type of normality at home.
I still read avidly.
In the writings of Carl Jung, I found a mysticism that tried to keep its feet on the ground, and began to understand the difficulties of building a rapport with our own subconscious mind. I found in the concept of the ‘Racial Unconscious’, a posible pattern which could explain much of what was considered ‘paranormal’. If we are all linked, then the information I received by Psychic means was a function of, as yet, unknown scientific laws.
I felt that, perhaps, we were causing our own suffering because of unresolved conflicts. One thing was certain, we are not ever as rational as we believe or in total control of our own actions.
I wondered if magic and ritual were attempts to build that rapport and control our own futures.
According to “The Golden Dawn” , the gods exist but man created them,- it seemed to me, that if we were truly powerful spiritual beings who choose to struggle for some higher purpose, then we could end our own suffering at any time,- if only we could remember who we really are.

Endless Journey

Drifting, floating, warmth caressing skin, the gentle lapping of the river soothes my wandering mind,
A summer breeze sends fluffy clouds across a pale blue sky that scarcely shades the sun.
Along the banks, a host of white and yellow flowers softly, mutely tell me to unwind,
To leave my cares and woes behind and wallow in their beauty and their scent until this blessed day is done.

Coat for blanket, bag for pillow, savouring each moment of this restful day,
Lying, dozing, drifting in my tiny, rented skiff, which barely fits from end to end,
The rivers mine for just one day, the singing of the birds just seems to say,
Just rest a while, our little friend, as if the beauty of this day may never end.

Paddles overboard, the rudder long ignored, I lie in reverie and drift down to the open sea,
Idly wondering if I drift for long enough, my little skiff may take me to eternity,
Or will I simply drift ashore and start anew , just simply be a different me,
Another day, another life, another world, another way to be.

Patrick W Kavanagh


Picture by Tina Kavanagh

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Spellcrafting: Spells and Rituals

November, 2014

The Magic of Your Smile


Merry meet!

When making magic, we think about instruments, ingredients and incantations along with an infusion of intention.

Magic, however, is not something to be made; it already exists and it’s everywhere. It’s energy. It’s the essence of creation. It’s our connection to all the universe.

It is joy and laughter, wonder and truth.


It’s natural.

It’s simple.

It’s real.


Perhaps the most simple and natural way to get in touch with magic – to feel it’s very real power – is to smile.

Researchers and spiritual teachers both agree that a smile can transform you and the world around you. It’s an instant mood changer. It reduces stress. Smile and your blood pressure lowers, your heart rate drops. Smiling brings about a sense of relaxation. Pain lessens – and it’s not just a matter of “grin and bear it.” Smiling triggers the release of endorphins (a natural painkiller) and serotonin.

It’s difficult to hold a negative thought in your head while smiling. You can’t be overcome with fear when you have a smile on your face. The same goes for anger, anxiety and frustration.

While a smile does not have to be genuine to work, it is more effective when you “feel” the smile and get those eye muscles involved.

Try taking a deep breath while smiling and, like me, you might come close to swooning.


Like me, you many also notice that when you smile at the world, the world smiles back. People who smile are viewed as younger and more successful.

Somewhere in my travels, I read about a smile meditation during which you let the energy of a smile move through your body, flowing like a waterfall of happiness and love. When I tried it, I could feel it caressing and changing me. Similarly, send a smile to any part of the body that feels tension or dis-ease to transform the negative energy into something light and vital.

There’s quote by Thich Nhat Hanh that has stayed with me: “Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.”

I urge you to test it for yourself.

The last full moon, a sister witch and I were standing around a fire pit and the wood was smoking. The smoke was drawn to her. She smiled and the smoke began to move toward me. I smiled and it avoided me, too. She moved to where the smoke was and smiled. It moved again. Later, I had it coming right at me; I put a smile on my face and the smoke parted and flowed to either side of me with a few wisps moving over my head.

I was plugged into the source and positively giddy.


Consider becoming more aware of what happens when you smile, and feel the magic flowing.

Should you need help putting a smile on your face, below are some of my favorite witchy cartoons. For more, see my Witchy Wit board on Pinterest.

Merry part. And merry meet again.


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MoonOwl Observations

November, 2014

The Goddess Brigit

Brigit is the goddess of communication, fertility and war. She is also responsible for fire, wisdom and protecting the flocks. The ancient Brigit was in one of her three forms the goddess of Smithcraft. She also ruled poetry and inspiration, carrying a cauldron. Her third identity was as a goddess of healing and medicine. She is Celtic and she lives in the garden between two towers of learning. Her sacred animal is the fox, which is the embodiment of alert intelligence. She is also referred to as Bigid, Brigantia and Bridgit and is commonly called ‘the exalted one’ or ‘the bright one’. This triple goddess of the Celtic Irish appeared as Brigantia in England, Bride in Scotland and Brigandu in Celtic France

Her holy day is Imbolc, the important spring holiday celebrating ewes coming in to milk. This is a symbol of rebirth and fertility. Imbolc also is a time when a wife or husband can walk out of their marriage. The Irish said that Brigit brought to humanity a number of useful things, including whistling and keening ( the mournful song of the bereaved Irishwoman)

There are parallels between Brigit and St. Brigid, who blinded herself in order to avoid an arranged marriage and became a nun. She also tended a fire that was said to burn for hundreds of days, just as the goddess was associated with the ritual fires of purification. The ancient worship of the goddess continued at her sacred shrine in kildare, where 19 virgins tended the undying fire and where, on the 20th day of each cycle was tened by Brigit herself.The Christians ‘converted’ the goddess along with her people, calling Brigit the human daughter of a Druid and claiming she was baptized by the great patriarch St. Patrick.

Brigit was the wife of Bres, and she bore him 3 sons, she often appears as an alternative for her mother Anu, which suggests that they were probably different aspects of the same mother goddess. She has inspiring beauty and fiery qualities who was identified with the earth herself and with the soil’s fertility. Not much is left of one of the greatest of all Celtic goddess’, but her brass shoe was one of the most sacred objects that could be imagined, a divinity so intensely related to the feminine force that no man was allowed to pass beyond the hedge surrounding her sanctuary.

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Witchcrafting: Crafts for Witches

November, 2014

Getting Answers 




Merry Meet.
This time of year, when the veil between the worlds is thin, divination is a common practice. One of the easiest ways to find answers is with a pendulum.
Traditionally, pendulums are used to respond to questions with a yes or no answer. Until you are completely comfortable with a pendulum, I learned to begin by asking it, “Show me yes.” The swing it gives – typically forward and back – is what your yes will look like. You can do the same for no – which traditionally is a swing from side to side.
A friend of mine said her pendulum swings widdershins for no and deosil for yes, and was told that is quite common.
If the answer is something other than yes or no, a pendulum might just hang straight, wiggle a little, or swing in a circle. Mine began doing that one day, and I came to understand it as meaning that the answer is not known or the situation is unclear.
Sometimes it’s the question that is not phrased correctly, but other times, it can be that my energy is getting in the way – something that happens if I am not still and calm when asking the question.
Take today, for instance. My anxiety was mounting as I frantically looked for my keys. With my pendulum held above the trunk of the car, I asked the question, “Are my keys in the trunk?” The answer came back as a circle. The same response came when I held it in the commercial trash container where the occupants of two buildings dispose of their garbage.
I put away the pendulum.
Had I been able to work further, I could have used it to provide more information. The photo is of an answer board. The surface was made by sanding off an old painting of a cabin in the woods. The spider is one of my totems, so I am drawn to the image of a web and used that to pull together the possible answers. I used a little bottle glue with a fine point to draw on the web that I then sprinkled with glow-in-the-dark glitter. The glue, even with its fine tip, produced a line I thought was much too thick, so you may want to find another way.
Glitter paint, also in a small plastic bottle with a thin tip, was used to print the letters.
My design offers a variety of answers in addition to yes, no and maybe: wait, cast a spell, not clear and something I have come to understand as I am not meant to know the information. This works if the pendulum adjusts its swing to start in the center and move toward the answer.
I have seen other pendulum charts that have “yes” at the top and bottom, “no” on the right and left, “maybe” in the upper right and lower left, and “don’t know” on the upper left and lower right. That way, the pendulum will point to the same answer and at either end of its swing.
IF you make your own, you can include other possibilities for answers such as ask again and not enough information. No formal board or chart is needed; words can be written on a piece of paper. Letters and numbers can be added, such as around the edge of a plate. A pendulum can also be used to select a movie, choose between two entrees, indicate an energy flow, tell if someone is lying and find lost objects. (For the record, my keys are still missing.)
When it comes to a pendulum, almost anything can work. When I don’t have access to my pointed moonstone one, I will slip off my long necklace with several pendents on it and use that. I have also used a shorter necklace by holding one end and letting the pendent resting against the clasp act as the bobber. You can experiment with a key on a ribbon, a button on a string or a  variety of other objects to find what works best and what will do in a pinch.
I hope you’ll share your pendulum stories below.
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Musings of a Hereditary Witch

November, 2014

Twerp – The Best Familiar

I want to share with you about the best familiar this witch has ever had. He came to me as a Mother’s Day gift from a friend, an orange Tabby that fit in the palm of my hand. She told me he was the runt of the litter and needed a good home. He was so cute! He had white from under his chin spreading out down his whole underside to his tail. The rest of him was Tabby orange. Immediately I wanted to name him Merlin, but familiars have a way of naming themselves. The little trouble maker that he was, earned him the name Twerp.

Twerp was my constant companion in ritual. As soon as I sat on the floor before my altar, he was there, often in my lap or sitting regally beside me. It didn’t matter if I was doing devotions or a full blown ritual. When students or guests were invited to ritual, Twerp would sit outside the boundary of ritual. However, once we began to share food, Twerp became everyone’s best friend. He received many praises and handouts. He would sit and eat with us. His favorite foods however, were Cheetos, hot cream of rice cereal (especially during the winter months) and tapioca pudding.

When I had clients over for healing sessions, Twerp was right there too. He would either lie beside ‘our’ client or lay between their shoulder blades. Sometimes, he would lay under the massage table. No one ever had an issue with Twerp assisting with a session. He was a healer in another since too. My 2nd husband had seizures, after a seizure he would pass out. Twerp would lie at his feet and draw him back into his body. He would then stay with him until he came back to himself.

Twerp had a habit of allowing playful little entities to pop into his body. When this happened it was like he was being takin for a test drive. You know, seeing how everything worked, like walking (more like staggering), twitching his tail and cocking his head first one way and then the other. When this would happen I would put my hands on both sides of his face, look in his eyes and in a commanding tone say: “Alright you, out of the cat. Now!” Poof, and the little bugger would leave. Poor Twerp would sit there for a moment like he was trying to understand what had just happened and then he’d want a snack. Snack cured everything.

Twerp was with me 13 years and crossed over in 2000, almost a year after my husband passed. He is buried in the Sacred Grove, where our Land Guardian dwells, she watches over him now. Twerp left with a blanket for warmth, a toy to play with and herbs of blessing.

Twerp saw me through the end of a bad marriage and through the transition of becoming a single parent. He saw me through a second marriage and subsequently becoming a widow. He introduced me to one of my patron gods, Taranis. Twerp was there for all the tears and the laughter. He was a constant companion, a magic worker, and a healer. Even today, those who knew him will remark about his time in ritual with us. There will never be another like him.

Blessings on your Hearth & Home

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November, 2014

Healing Oils and Candles

I do a lot of healings, either for myself, my family, or my friends on my Facebook group.

I did one recently, as a matter of fact. I have fibromyalgia and severe arthritis. The fibromyalgia causes body pains, extreme fatigue, nausea, and irritable bowel syndrome. My arthritis, while all over, primarily affects my ankles and my right knee. It can get so bad that I have difficulty walking. And on those days, the prescription anti-inflammatory just doesn’t work.

This spell I did for four people: myself, two friends on my Facebook group, and my cousin who has Spina Bifida, is confined to a wheel chair, and frequently ends up in the hospital.

I burned four white chime candles rubbed with healing oil. The chime candles and the healing oil I purchased from They are inexpensive. I concentrated on each person and lit the candles one by one. A chime candle generally takes 30 minutes to burn down (that’s why I use them a lot. Shorter than a tealight and much shorter than a votive). What was interesting about this is the three candles burned evenly and within 30 minutes. Mine, however, burned down within ten minutes and left a lot of wax drippings. This means that the spell worked, and quickly, though it may not be long lasting and may have to be done again. I did feel better after that. Hoodoo traditions, and other magick traditions, use the drippings for divination. I am not very good at this, but I did see what looked like a human form in the drippings. I thought this might represent me.

Healing scented candles also work. (This is popular with me because I sell candles). My favorites are Sandalwood, which is a healing oil/chips, French Lavender (I find it smells better than regular Lavender), and a special purple healing votive that Azuregreen sells. I burn these just as I do the chime candles, rubbed with healing oil, and using my focus, will, and intent for the person that needs to be healed.

There are also healing oils that you can make to spread on a candle or on yourself. This one is pretty easy because it uses common oils: 4 drops Rosemary, 2 drops Juniper, and 1 drop Sandalwood.

You can also make a healing ointment to rub on affected areas of your body: 4 drops Cedarwood, 2 drops Sandalwood, 1 drop Eucalyptus, and 1 drop Cinnamon. This is added to a melted beeswax or oil base. You do not put this ointment on wounds, burns, or broken skin.

You can also use herbs in a healing bath. With my arthritis and body pain, this is exceptionally useful: 3 parts Rosemary, 2 parts Lavender, and 2 parts rose. Place this in a muslin bag (like you would use for tea) and hang it over the running water faucet. You may also place it in the bath.

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Warrior Women

November, 2014


Of all the warrior women about whom I have written, Boudicca is my favourite. She is my heroine, my inspiration. And she was a warrior. Really.

If you have not yet met Boudicca, allow me to introduce her. Boudicca was queen of the Iceni tribe who lived in what is now known as East Anglia, in southern England. Dio Cassius, a Roman historian, describes her thus: “She was huge of frame, terrifying of aspect, and with a harsh voice. A great mass of bright red hair fell to her knees.” This is exactly how I imagine her, tall and strong with long, long red hair. She must have been a fearsome beauty.

Although details of her life are rather sketchy, most historians agree that she was born into a rather prominent family, somewhere around the year 25 CE. She married the king of the Iceni people, Prasutagus, about 44 CE. The royal couple had two daughters, thought to have been born a few years later.

Again, drawing on a small wellspring of information, the “experts” believe Boudicca may have practiced Druidry. She is thought to have been born on the Isle of Mona, which had a strong Druid tradition.

Well, now we have a peaceful and, presumably, happy life; the king and queen and their two young daughters living with, and ruling over, their clan. I wonder what life was like. It was harsh, I have no doubt about that. Perhaps a little less harsh for Prasutagus and Boudicca, being royalty and all.

In 43 CE the Romans, under the leadership of Emperor Claudius, invaded England. What this meant for the Iceni and other indigenous groups was Roman settlement, military presence, reduced independence and more taxes. The usual.

Somewhere along the way, Prasutagus died. He had previously arranged to have his two daughters assume leadership of the Iceni tribe, in partnership with the Roman conquerors, upon his death. This did not sit well with the Romans as they did not recognize succession to any position of authority for women. They also thought co-ruling with women was a really, really bad idea.

In 60 or 61 CE, Boudicca, supported by other tribes, led a revolt against the Romans. She gave them a good run for their money, too, winning every battle and burning down the city of Londinium. (Can you guess the modern name of this town?) Eventually, though, Boudicca’s luck ran out. Her last battle, location unknown, was lost. It is said that the Queen of the Iceni people returned home and died by her own hand. She took poison rather than submit to Roman rule.

What a story! What a woman!

We do not, of course, have any photos of Queen Boudicca. However, here is a silver coin, minted around the year 61 CE. It is not known after whom the profile is modeled. It could be Prasutagus, a god or goddess, or even Boudicca herself.

When I think of Boudicca, my heroine, I imagine a tall woman, with piercing green eyes and that long, long red hair.

Brava, sister!

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Tink About it

November, 2014

Crown the Crone!

Last month I turned 46. That’s when people start saying things like “oops, you are on the wrong side of 40 now” or “50 is coming soon”. Often disguised as a joke, but every so often with a serious tone of voice. It was the same when I turned 40. To be honest I didn’t really care, on the contrary: I gave a big party to celebrate it and had a great time! If someone says ‘you are getting old’ I always reply with ‘I hope so!’ Of course getting older isn’t all fun and games, but I refuse to give in to the negative stereotype of ‘the older woman’. People (but especially women) are tricked into being afraid to grow older. ‘Old’ being the synonym of obsolete, outdated, ugly, or worse. Commercials and adverts are trying to make us hate our aging body and be ashamed of wrinkles and grey hair. I still embrace my inner child, but growing older brings a lot of good things too. My mother often sighed: “oooh, to be young again and know what I know now…” Understandable, but I wouldn’t want to go back to when I was younger. I had a wonderful time then and horrible times too, but together it made me into what I am now. Over time I’ve learned to accept myself with all my virtues and vices. Still a work in progress though, but that’s okay. I’m slowly shifting into a new phase, and I hope I’ll be a proud and dashing crone one day!

If you google ‘crone’ the first you get is this:





The etymology is full of negative annotations: old, useless, carcass, carrion (the decaying flesh of dead animals), etc. Not a nice picture at all… but a crone is (can be) more!
Barbara G. Walters, author of ‘The Crone’, says:


“The crone’s title was related to the word crown, and she represented the power of the ancient tribal matriarch who made the moral and legal decisions for her subjects and descendants. It was the medieval metamorphosis of the wise woman into the witch that changed the word Crone from a compliment to an insult and established the stereotype of malevolent old womanhood that continues to haunt elder women today…”

In the pagan community the word ‘crone’ has a different meaning. The goddess and in her image a woman goes through three phases in order of age: maiden, mother, crone. So yes, a crone is an old(er) woman, but not the useless, ugly person from the dictionary. Quite the opposite: a crone is a valued member of society, a wise woman who earns respect. She is a teacher and a mentor.
Or, as Wikipedia explains it:

“The crone is a stock character in folklore and fairy tale, an old woman. In some stories, she is disagreeable, malicious, or sinister in manner, often with magical or supernatural associations that can make her either helpful or obstructing. The Crone is also an archetypal figure, a Wise Woman. She is marginalized by her exclusion from the reproductive cycle, and her proximity to death places her in contact with occult wisdom. As a character type, the crone shares characteristics with the hag. The word “crone” is a less common synonym for “old woman”, and is more likely to appear in reference to traditional narratives than in contemporary everyday usage. The word became further specialized as the third aspect of the Triple Goddess popularized by Robert Graves and subsequently in some forms of neopaganism, particularly Wicca in which she symbolizes the Dark Goddess, the dark of the moon, the end of a cycle. In New Age and Feminist spiritual circles, a ‘Croning’ is a ritual rite of passage into an era of wisdom, freedom, and personal power.”

Does this apply to women only? No, of course not. Although society seems to judge less about aging men than it condemns aging women, it’s no secret that nowadays men are also ‘targeted’ in the same way. More and more commercials, adverts, articles and the like are focusing on men. They too are encouraged to dye their grey hair, get a facelift, lose weight and look younger in any way possible. Of course there’s nothing wrong with taking care of yourself and your health and appearance, but there’s no need (or at least there shouldn’t be) to hide or be ashamed of getting older. Not for women, not for men.
The sage is the masculine form of ‘The Wise One’ and thus the male counterpart for the crone. You know me, all about balance. 😉 Some time ago when I was looking for chants I found a new couplet to Zsusanna Budapest’s song ‘We all come from the goddess”. Author/source unknown unfortunately, but the lyrics (sung in the melody of ‘Hoof and horn’) are:


Both crone and sage are regarded as ‘pagan elders’. They have a lifetime of experience and most of them are very willing to share their knowledge. Personally I love to listen to people who have witnessed things I only know from history books. I try to listen to them, learn and pay attention. Not only in the pagan community, but also in everyday society. I feel we should value elderly people for what they are, give them the respect they deserve, hear their stories and pass them on. When we are honouring our ancestors, let’s not forget the living ones!


Sources and interesting links:
Wikipedia –
book: Crones Don’t Whine by Jean Shinoda Bolen – I like this review:
book: The Crone by Barbara G. Walker – review by Ana Rundic:
blog: A Rolling Crone –
Crones Council –
lyrics-image found on

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