A Moment for Meditation


Visualization within meditation is a wonderful tool, used for a specific goal or purpose.

For those of us who also walk the Pagan path, it can also be used in ritual, in deep inner journeys, and in our magick.

Visualizations can be as simple as closing your eyes and imagining yourself on the beach, to a complex guided meditation that takes you deep within yourself.

For example, if you make or use candles for specific purposes in your workings, let’s say for healing, you would visualize a healing energy going into the making of the candle, and again when you charge it for your working.

Another example of visualization is to imagine yourself surrounded with a pure white light of protection as you go into an unsure situation. This also helps to strengthen your aura.

Guided meditations work well for the deep inner work that some of us do on our spiritual paths. An example is one I have used in a workshop that I teach on Kali. After the participants close their eyes and have begun to focus on their breath, I take them deeper and deeper and have them visualize themselves walking a path, down into a cave, where they meet Kali. The details can be as simple or as intricate as you wish. While it is not mandatory, I would recommend making a recording of your voice so that you are able to focus on your breath and on following your own instructions. There are CD’s available with guided meditations for almost any purpose imaginable.


One of my favorite visualizations within kundalini yoga is called “Cup of Compassion”. After you situate yourself and begin your long,deep breathing, bring your hands up in front of your heart center, with the sides near your smallest fingers touching, so that your palms make a cup. While you are focusing on the breath, you visualize opening yourself up to the Universe and accepting, in your cupped hands, whatever flows your way. Do this for at least 11 minutes.

Another visualization uses the chakras; as you focus on each chakra, you visualize yourself wrapped in the specific color that symbolizes that chakra

1st – Root – Red

2nd – Sacral – Orange

3rd – Solar Plexus – Yellow

4th – Heart – Green

5th – Throat – Blue

6th – Third Eye – Indigo

7th – Crown – Purple

8th – Aura – White


As always, please feel free to email me at [email protected] with any questions you may have.

Namaste and Blessings