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How Can My Crystals Support Me Now?

I was going to write this months column on something completely different, then I thought….instead of suggesting new crystals to try, maybe sharing some tips on how to work more with the crystal allies you already have would be a better route to take. With the way the world has drastically changed over the last couple months, many are on very limited budgets, and many can’t purchase new tools right now. That’s OKAY. You don’t need any funds for sparkly new crystals (unless you can afford them- and if so, ROCK on!) As long as you have a piece of quartz, you are in excellent shape. 

Quartz can be programmed to take on the properties of any other crystal, think of it as a little crystal clone. You are wanting to work with azurite but don’t have any? No problem! Simply get a piece of quartz and set the intention for that quartz to serve you as an azurite would (aiding psychic development, opening the third eye, etc…) and ask it to act as azurite until you deprogram it. Now you have azurite. Just don’t forget to deprogram when finished working with your “azurite”. Simply thank the crystal for its service, and ask it to return back to its natural state as quartz. I like to cleanse my crystal after as well.

Once you have a crystal you want to work with, whether it’s the actual crystal or a programmed quartz, what next? Here are some ways you can connect with your crystal. 

Take a relaxing bath with your crystal. Simply place it in the tub while you run your bath to infuse the water with the crystals energy. (Take care not to put any crystal that is sensitive to water or toxic- anything in the quartz family is very water safe). Then if you want to add Epsom salt, pink himalayan salt, essential oils, herbs, etc, feel free to do so, as it will heighten the relaxation factor even more. Then turn on some soothing tunes and sit back to enjoy.

Meditate with your crystal. Maybe find a free meditation video to listen to and follow along to on YouTube. They have tons to choose from. Get in a comfortable position and hold a crystal in your hands, or if you have two crystals, one in each hand. If you are working with a chakra stone you can place the crystal on the corresponding area. Adding crystals to your meditations can greatly enhance your experience. 

Raise the vibration in your home with crystals. Place the crystal somewhere based on its purpose. If you want to enhance the general vibe, place it in the room in your home where you spend the most time. If you want to promote energy and creativity, place it on your desk. If peace and relaxation is what you seek, place it in your bedroom or bathroom. I have crystals spread throughout my home, and it keeps the energy I want, where I want it. If you don’t have enough to have some in every room, you can get a handful of tumbles for very inexpensive, and place them throughout. 

Sleep with your crystals. I very frequently sleep with my crystals. I either fall asleep holding one, or I place one under my pillow. If you are afraid of it falling out of your bed and onto the floor, you can put the crystal under your bed, or on your nightstand. Another option is sticking it in a pocket. Sleeping with the crystals near can enhance sleep, dreams, dream-recall, astral travel, and visions, depending on which stone you chose. It’s fun to keep a dream journal and to document which crystal you slept with and what experience you had that night. This is a great way to learn which crystals affect you in what ways. Only crystals I would say to avoid in the bedroom are clear quartz (it can be too high vibe for some), any stamina raising stones (like carnelian) and tektites if you aren’t used to them (like moldavite). Get creative and try pairing crystals together for sleep time and see how they play together. You just may find your perfect crystal recipe for excellent sleep.

Get out into nature with your crystals. I have always loved taking a walk with a crystal in my hand. It’s great for bonding with your crystal, and I really think my crystals enjoy getting fresh air and sun. I love to take nature photo’s of my crystals. Lay them on a moss covered rock, hold them in front of a beautiful stream, take pic with a stunning flower that catches your eye. They are fun to share with your friends as well. Who doesn’t love a picture of a gorgeous crystal with nature? You could even frame some, put them in your book of shadows, or on your fridge. Again, have fun & get creative. If you are into crystal gridding, doing your grid outside and incorporating foliage, rocks, moss, flower petals, etc is a beautiful practice. 

Intuitively choose a crystal of the day. Place a selection of crystals in a bowl or dish. Close your eyes and using your non dominant hand, hover over the crystals and feel which crystal pulls you towards it. This is the crystal that wants to work with you today. This is a great way to start to work with some of the crystals in your collection that you haven’t yet spent much time bonding with. You could also look up that crystals metaphysical properties each day as a way to help you learn the meanings. Do this for a couple weeks and you will start to impress people with your knowledge of crystals!

Wear your crystals. Anytime you can have your crystals touch your skin that’s a great thing! Jewelry that allows the stone to be in constant contact with your skin is ideal. The more contact the better your crystals can impact you. Wearing crystal jewelry is the easiest way to get your crystals to connect to your energy. Crystals do get our imprints on them. We don’t want others imprints on our workhorse crystals, but we do want our own energy and imprint on them. The more you wear them, the deeper the bond between you and your beloved crystal. 

These are just a few suggestions as to how to incorporate your beautiful crystals into your everyday routine. Times are challenging right now, and I encourage you to try some of these suggestions to see if it improves your mood. Our crystals can be a source of joy, peace and love for us always, but especially so during scary or stressful times. I wish you all health, happiness and peace. Hold your crystals tight my friends. I know I feel much comfort with my crystals in my hand.

Love & Crystal Blessings


About the Author:

Retha N. Lent has been married for 19 yrs to her husband Mark and they have 4 cats that are their best friends. She lives in Eagleville, Pa. Retha has her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Behavioral Counseling Sciences from Drexel University. She is the owner of “Retha’s Crystals” and sells sterling silver unique crystal jewelry and specimens in her FB business group “Retha’s Crystal Circle“. She posts pieces for sale as well as posts information on all things magick and crystal related. She is also an adviser in the sage goddess affiliate program since it began. She has her Holistic Healing certificates and Pillars of Priestessing certificates from Sage Goddess. She is also an ordained Pagan Minister from Universal Life Church. Retha has a passion for crystals, tarot, astrology, working with the moon phases, runes, essential oils, herbs, ancient cultures and practices, numerology, nature, manifestation work, magick and music. Her favorite place is new Orleans, La and she travels there multiple times a year. Retha has an extensive personal crystal collection and loves sharing her knowledge of and love for crystals with the world. She has been a practicing Pagan since she was 16 yrs old.

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