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In Memory of George Floyd

I cannot get that picture out of my mind, the one of the policeman with his knee on George Floyd’s neck. There is a weight of sadness in my world, everywhere I go, as if that man was my own brother. And he was, they both are. So, I want to talk about my soul memories of being a black person. First of all, as I’ve written before, we all have five parts to our spirits, in the exact image of the Creator Sun, the highest light structure in the Creator Sun, where every one of us was once created into light. The five parts are: Beloveds, God and Goddess in the center or heart, mother in the upper left torso and arm, girl in the lower left torso and leg, boy in the lower right torso and leg, and father in the upper right torso and arm. The earth and USA are built with the same spirit structure; the Middle East, the Beloved core; Asia, the mother continent; Africa, the girl continent; South America, the boy continent; and North America, the father continent. So, in the US, the southeast section carries the girl spirit. Remember this, it’s important.

Once upon a time, some of the light beings in the Creator Sun chose to renew wisdom for the universe. Wisdom had grown stale, the laws of love forgotten, and bad things had begun to happen like invasions by one star system into another. In order to renew wisdom, those future humans had to take in a lot of fears and then work their way through healing them and learning the laws of love all over again. That’s because wisdom is a living stream; it can only be renewed by a path of experience. And so, bad things began to happen to each of us and shadow layers formed around our inner light bodies. In time, we grew heavier and fell into the next lower light structure of the seventh heaven, the Dragon or Death star. This realm is ruled by Isis and her regencies are; control, hatred, cancer, death, poverty, and starvation. Her consort rules war and terrorism. These were the experiences we lived through during that layer of our descent. And this is the level earth is experiencing in her ascension back to the Creator Sun.

These five basic spirit aspects that all of us carry within have their own separate major fears. This time, I’ll talk about only the girl and the father. Because the girl spirit, the inner virgin, is regent of the birth of everyone’s inner child of light back into truth, the dark side especially targets her for suffering. In the Dragon star, all those who were committed to the girl quadrant were taken into slavery. And all of them were dyed black, Isis’s ray color, so they would be recognized and returned to the Isis compounds if they managed to escape. Notice that the girl parts of earth, Africa and the US southeast, carry her legacy of slavery. But the most important thing to remember here is that EVERY ONE OF US has a girl spirit within, and that part of us holds memories of slavery when we were in a girl form in some former lifetime or during our descent process. I know this because this is the quintessential fear of the girl quadrant, and as a light healer for 24 years, I cannot count the number of times I have drawn slavery memories out of my clients’ (and my own) lower left torsos and legs!!!!! Also, the dark Isis covering put over the girl part of our spirits draws Isis energies to itself, so it magnetizes slavery, hatred, disease, domination, poverty, and starvation to anyone inside this dark skin. These are the major fears of the girl quadrant, and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US carries these in our own girl spirits, built slowly over eons during our descent. But underneath the shadows, the horrors, wisdom is slowly growing as these fears are faced and healed. The girl spirit in her light form is gentle, peaceful, compassionate to every single being, and committed to non-violence so strongly that she does not resort to violence, no matter what is done to her. One of the names my inner guides call the divine virgin girl in the Creator Sun is Jerusalem because that’s where she anchors in on earth. The black race, committed to the girl quadrant, has walked through the most horrific fears for centuries in order to build the spirit of the virgin girl in light; humility, endurance, faith, non-violence, community. Compassion for all people, this hallmark of the girl aspect, can only be built through suffering. Just reading about someone suffering does not engage the heart nearly as much as undergoing the identical pain in life. The black race has bourn trouble after trouble after trouble in order to embody the truth of the divine girl within. This realization has brought my heart to its knees countless times.

So, now let’s talk about the father aspect of everyone’s spirits. When our father selves arrived in the Dragon star, they saw horrific things happening, dragon lords pillaging and killing, taking everything for themselves. The fathers thought God had abandoned them. And eventually, one man decided he would take God’s place and try to be in charge and deal with all the terrors going on. His name was Lucifer, and light healers out there will all be familiar with luciferic energy, for it shows up in about every other healing. So all father aspects inside EVERY ONE OF US carry this illusion; God cannot be counted on, I have to try to be God by myself, I am in charge of everything getting better, and I can use brute force to get my way. But Lucifer wasn’t God, was he? So other illusions crept in, like; I am better and more special than everyone else, I can take anything I want without regard for the others, I am more powerful and deserve special privileges in life. ALL OF US carry these identical illusions in our inner father aspects, the upper right torso and arm—essentially, white supremacy. The father aspect anchors into North America and the white race, remember? And all those committed to the father quadrant have carried these illusions more than the rest for centuries. I’ve had client after client, invariably white, with children who were given anything they desired—children who grew up with a sense of entitlement, privilege, superiority, all completely false that only separated them from everyone and caused irreparable harm to others. And I’ve also had clients who were brainwashed into a military consciousness that thinks it can kill whenever it wants, most of whom were severely beaten as children. These folks, too, have taken on deep and horrific wounds. But again, the important thing to remember is that ALL OF US carry both inner girl and inner father fears within as we walk our way back into truth and light. But the real father in light under all the shadows is particularly humble, deeply aware of his own powers, and how to use them fairly and with restraint. It’s not easy trying to be God and solve everything, either. So I think it’s a mistake to say one side is bad and one side is good. Those dragons just love to cause divisions and conflict! But both sides are poles of the same fear, brothers in suffering, both in a whole lot of pain.

The other really important point I want to make here is that EVERY SINGLE THING WHICH IS HARMFUL THAT HAPPENS TO ANY OF US IS A MESSAGE FROM GOD/GODDESS TO TELL US WE HAVE A FEAR INSIDE THAT NEEDS TO BE HEALED. Most of these lately are from our long-ago days in the Dragon star. Every fear humanity hasn’t healed that we took in during our descent is held in the collective unconscious. And all of them play out across the earth. So, folks in Africa are living within all the girl fears the rest of us haven’t healed within. Ditto with white folks in North America, father fears. And any light healer can tell you that pushing against inner fears only caused them to get bigger and stronger. The ONLY way to heal them is to embrace them in love in the heart. They transmute in moments back into light, into truth once more. So, George Floyd died in order to help all of us realize we have girl-police-brutality and father-white-supremacy illusions that need to be healed. Demonstrations do create change. But the fastest, most direct way to create change that I’ve ever seen is to go inside into your own girls and fathers within and draw those shadows into the light of your hearts. This is what I’ve been doing much of the time over the past week (and 24 years!). Our power is within.

We can do this! We can ascend back up through the worst of the worst, the old Dragon star fears, and break through into the Creator Sun again. It is a place of true love, community, oneness of all peoples and all beings. It is Paradise, and it isn’t so very far away. Keep healing, keep believing in love and truth, keep thinking of your so-called enemy as yourself because s/he is. I hope and pray that the deep, deep sadness of this month brings freedom to the girl and humility and non-violence to the father spirits in everyone—and that the scouring out of the heart that such depth of pain creates helps us never, ever forget. With tears, shared sadness, and love to everyone.


About the Author:

Jill Frew Ph.D. is a Clinical Psychologist and energy/light healer, who has followed a druid path of enlightenment for over 30 years. She is founder of The Celtic Heaven School, a nine-month program that teaches druidry, ascension, and healing. And she is author of the Alba Reborn Trilogy (the life story of a druid priestess and priest in BCE Scotland and their teachings of enlightenment), A Guidebook to Druidry, and Light Healing for Children.