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She Who is All – Goddesses and The Divine Female



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Nanshe – Goddess of water, Goddess of fertility, Goddess of Prophecy, Goddess of Social Justice, Lady of the Storerooms.

Nanshe was worshipped from the 3rd millennium BCE to the advent of Christianity, throughout the history of Mesopotamia.

She was born to Enki, the God of wisdom, magic and water and Ninhursag, a Mother and Earth Goddess.

Being most strongly associated with water, she is the Goddess of fishing. The fish is one of her symbols, as s symbol of life; her other symbol is the pelican, who sacrifices itself to feed her young. She is often depicted as a woman dancing above the water. Her father gave her dominion over the waters of the Persian Gulf, and all living creatures within it.

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She was known as the Lady of the Storerooms, making sure all measurements and weights were correct.

As a Goddess of Social Justice, she was a defender of those in need; She nurtured orphans, helped widows, and gave advice to those in need.


Her main festival was on the first day of the year, held at Her main temple, “Sirara” in the city of Lagash. A large parade of boats was held, honoring Her as a Water Goddess, the largest of the floats held a sizable likeness of her, that was brought to the temple.

She was a wise Goddess, who handled disputes between her peoples, as well as court cases. She judged the behavior of the people in the preceding year. She also gave oracular messages, and interpreted dreams.



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