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Of Coffee and Crystals


This months box is from Of Coffee and Crystals. It is called the Monthly Mystery Box You can view and purchase their boxes at: . The two size Boxes range in price from $18.99 to $29.99.


This was a very cute box from the minute I opened it, had a great energy and feeling to it. The packaging was colorful and bright and was accompanied by candy (who doesn’t love candy?!). There was an introduction sheet that listed all the items in the box.


This box’s focus was on Ostara, which was done really well. There was a beautiful Ostara candle, layered in pastel colors and literally smelling like Spring with scents like Lavender, lemongrass and honey. It was topped off with blue cornflower, calendula and moss agate. A perfect collaboration to represent this time of year.


There was a soapstone carving of a bunny, a most popular representation of Ostara, it was very cute and a nice size for your pocket, car or desk. The crystal of this month was a green Agate on a metal stand, making it perfect for your sacred space, altar or just a pretty piece to decorate any room. A great choice for this box.


There was a nice size package of Ostara tea, that was just lovely and was just enough. An interesting item, which I have never come across in a subscription, was a container of Lip Balm. Raw Beeswax Lip Balm, made with local beeswax, sea butter, coconut oil and peppermint. I personally am an avid Chapstick, or lip balm user so I was super stoked with this. When I tried it and it was subtle, smooth and really quite nice. I do wish it was a little larger of a sample.


The jewelry piece this month was a Manganoan Calcite Necklace. It was a smart choice, with the color -and the explanation of its choosing-the representation of Peace. It was a nice wire wrapped piece. I think that they should consider sending a chain or cord if you are going to send a pendant, but that it just my opinion.


The last item in box was the Rose of Jericho. I LOVED that this was added, as it is not something that you see often, or at least not where I am from. I have placed it in small bowl and I am awaiting its resurrection.


Overall, this was one of my favorite boxes. From the outside, all through the inside it was very well done. I really appreciated, and I think buyers will appreciate the explanation insert. It really explains each item and why they are relevant. They really take the time to make sure you understand exactly what you received and how to use it. As an added bonus, there was a tarot card in there with a message for the receiver- this was a great touch. This box was perfect for its price, and I would highly recommend you look into Of Coffee and Crystals shop.


Aimie Ladrach, the shop owner was kind enough to participate in an interview with me, in the hopes that you, our readers would get to connect with her. She shares her personal path, her products and her goals with us.


Jade (J): Please tell me the history of Of Coffee and Crystals. Do you work on your own or with a team?

Aimie Ladrach (AL): Of Coffee and Crystals began with an old box of candle making supplies given to me by my partner in February of 2020. This was right when the pandemic was causing mass shutdowns and I was sent to work from home for the indeterminate future. As a spiritual practitioner, I go through a LOT of candles, so my partner thought that this would keep a hobby enthusiast such as myself occupied and somewhat sane during the next months stuck at home. I began making herbal and crystal infused candles for my craft and found how much I enjoyed candle making! I soon had more candles than I knew what to do with. In March of 2020, I opened my Etsy shop and started posting my excess candles hoping they would get some use rather than sitting around my home. I was shocked at how quickly they sold! I soon went from posting occasional items to having a demand for my product, and that is when my shop really blossomed into a job that I truly love.

Since then, I have shipped out thousands of items with the help of my team. I currently have 3 wonderful individuals who help me out around the workshop!

My shop name, Of Coffee and Crystals was not my own idea. I also have another job in higher education, and my desk at the college is covered with different interesting crystal specimens (no big surprise there). I had also just purchased a desktop espresso machine to feed my caffeine addiction, and my co-worker made an offhand comment about how I “only needed coffee and crystals to get through the day” – and he had a point! Those are my two main sources for energy! And that’s what I want each of my packages to radiate every time a customer opens one: all around good energy.


(J): Tell our readers a little about yourself: What your path is? When did you identify your path? What drew you to this specialty? Do you create full time or do you have another occupation?

(AL): I am a coven leader of eclectic witches in my area, which is run under a Wiccan tradition. I personally practice eclectic witchcraft and work predominantly in the Greek pantheon under my matron deity Athena. I have always been drawn to spirituality since I was a child, though I grew up in a conservative religious household. But what eventually drew me to accept my truth and my path is the influence of a truly extraordinary individual. I worked for a long time at a small religious coffee and tea house, and one of the regulars, an older gentleman, quickly became one of my favorite customers. We became friends and would talk often. This gentleman was Raymond Buckland, and I absolutely attribute where I am spiritually to his influence in my life.

I do have another occupation, as I work in higher education from home at the current time. This is a great setup that allows me to have the flexibility to work between my college duties and my shop. Also, working at a college will grant me tuition benefits where I plan to graduate with a business degree hoping to pursue entrepreneurship as my full-time job!


(J): When did you start your subscription boxes?

(AL): I began offering my Monthly Mystery Boxes in October of 2020. And due to a viral TikTok video about them with over 20k views @of_coffee_and_crystals, my very first subscription box had over 70 orders!


(J): What was your very first box you built? Why did you choose that theme?

(AL): My first Monthly Mystery Box was sent out in October of 2020, so it was too hard to pass up making it a “spooky” Samhain/Halloween theme. This box included a “Death Candle” which was specially curated with oils, herbs, and crystals to bring death to bad habits, relationships, thought patterns etc…, a glass vial of “Eye of Newt” which is the alternative name for mustard seed, a coffin nail, a cauldron containing a piece of raw Halloween Stone, a beautiful double terminated Mystic Merlinite point, a bath fizzy with essential oils in the shape of a brain, incense, spooky stickers, candies, and an info card describing all the items and their uses.


(J): How do you choose your monthly themes?

(AL): I usually go along with the seasons and the wheel of the year when theming my boxes. I like to use them to educate those receiving them about the significance of that particular time of year, acknowledge any upcoming sabbats, and provide tools or useful items that befit the current time.


(J): Are all of the items handmade by you?

(AL): Quite nearly all of the items in each box are meticulously created by myself and my team. I create the recipes, combinations, or designs for each item, and my team helps me pour the candles, pack the boxes, or replicate the designs to help get all the boxes out in a timely manner. As my shop is called Of Coffee and Crystals, I’d like to assume my customers are just as much crystal obsessed as I am, so I like to try to include 1-2 unique crystal specimens in each box as well. These I source from my local small business rock store. The exception to things that may not be handmade by me is if I find a stone carving, crystal already in a pendant setting, stone specimen mounted on a stand etc… that fits my box theme. Otherwise, I take great pride in the fact that the items in my box are truly unique and not mass marketed!


(J): How do you choose the items?

(AL): When choosing my items, I first determine my theme, which is usually based off the energy of the season or nearby sabbat. From there, I dive into research mode. I dig through my own notes, books, the internet, whatever is at my disposal, to collect miscellaneous associations to that theme such as oil scents, colors, crystals, herbs, rituals etc... From there, I begin brainstorming unique ways to use these in items I think my customers will love!


(J): Is your Mystery Box your most popular item? Or is there another item that is more popular? What makes your boxes stand out?

(AL): The Monthly Mystery Boxes is one of my favorite items to make as I love to create new things, and this is an outlet for that every month, but they are not my best-selling products. I sell Pyramid Zodiac Surprise Crystal Candles which are a series of candles made specifically from color to scent to the mystery stones inside for each Zodiac sign that are probably tied for most popular along with my Crystal Mine candles, which are lovely square jar candles with 8+ stones inside and topped with even more! But one of the things that really makes my boxes stand out is the fact that every deluxe box includes a full-sized exclusive candle that will never hit shop shelves. The only way to get them is though the Mystery Boxes!


(J): Why should customers choose your box instead of the others on the market?

(AL): There really are some wonderful subscription boxes on the market – and I’ve subscribed to a couple myself! I think there are a couple reasons why customers should consider the Monthly Mystery Box at Of Coffee and Crystals. First of all, there are size options! Depending on your budget, you can order a Basic Package or a Deluxe Box. There are no commitments. As they’re currently sold through Etsy, you can order one whenever you want, and you’re not forced into a subscription, and you don’t have to worry about being auto-charged. This box will also help grow your crystal collection! Every month will have at least one new, unique crystal specimen and information on it’s metaphysical properties. And every crystal is hand selected by myself, so you know the stones you receive are the best looking, highest vibrational ones I could find. You will also learn more about traditions, lore, and rites to bring into your craft as we traverse the wheel of the year together. And lastly, unlike a lot of bulk, drop-ship mystery boxes, we don’t order a bunch of resale items online to distribute to you. We hand craft the items to place in your boxes. Every herb, every candle, every tea, has been handled with love, charged with intent, and crafted by real practitioners who truly care about what they’re doing. We don’t just shove things into boxes. We put our energy into what we do.

This last year has been quite a ride with Of Coffee and Crystals. I never imagined it would get this far this soon. I always assumed it would always be an evening hobby that I would be able to make enough money to counter the cost of the supplies. But here we are, a year later and it is flourishing. I have discovered a passion and developed a dream that would have sounded ridiculous a year ago, but now scratches the edge of the realm of possibility. It is my eventual goal to have a retail location (while maintaining my online business), but not just any regular candle shop. I dream of having a store befitting of my shop’s name. I imagine it would have the candle shop, but also other metaphysical supplies, such as herbs, books, and crystals of course, but also: a coffee shop. Of Coffee and Crystals in one place. I don’t know about anyone else, but that sounds like pure heaven to me. One day I hope.


We would like to thank Aimie Ladrach, for now only sharing about her amazing boxes with us, but for also opening up and sharing her hopes and dreams! We hope they do come true!


If you would like to shop any of Of Coffee and Crystals Merchandise you can visit them on etsy at: and don’t forget a box!


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