Exclusive Q&A With La Carmina about Her New Release “The Little Book of Satanism”

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La Carmina is an award-winning alternative culture journalist and TV host. She runs the leading blog about Goth travel, fashion and Satanism (, which was featured in The New York Times and Washington Post. La Carmina is the author of four books including Crazy, Wacky Theme Restaurants: Tokyo and Cute Yummy Time, published by Penguin Random House. She received a journalism prize from the Society of American Travel Writers, and her writing has appeared in Time Magazine, CNN, Business Insider and Architectural Digest. As a TV personality, La Carmina has danced with William Shatner and Henry Winkler on NBC’s Better Late Than Never, dined with Japanese monsters on Andrew Zimmerns Bizarre Foods, negotiated a $666 taxidermy head on Discovery Channel’s Oddities, cooked cute food on The Today Show, and debated bagelheadbody modifications on The Doctors. She is a graduate of Columbia University and Yale Law School. Follow La Carminas Gothic adventures in over 70 countries on and social media @LaCarmina.


PaganPagesOrg’s Jonathan Dailey and La Carmina sat down and exchanged a Q&A session about La Carmina’s new releaseThe Little Book of Satanism” and what it means to be a Satanist.


La Carmina: The Little Book of Satanism aims to take an inclusive perspective on Satanism. While the introduction acknowledges there are theistic Satanists, the book focuses on nontheistic Satanism. The majority of Satanists do not believe in the existence of a supernatural Devil; rather, they consider the Prince of Darkness to be a metaphor for self-realization, rebellion, critical thinking, nonconformity, and other affirmative values. As my nonfiction guide to the religion is a little book,it was impossible to cover every group or approach, so I focused on the major Satanic organizations and their central convictions.

Jonathan: Can you please tell us about your own journey in the world of Satanism? How did it start, and what are some of your most memorable experiences?

La Carmina: I became interested in Satanism in my teen years, as it was adjacent to the Goth subculture that I participated in. In the mid-2000s, I started my La Carmina Blog and spent a great deal of time in Japan. In Tokyo and Osaka, I got to know Japanese Satanists and their practices, which I found fascinating. Over the years, I continued to investigate and write about Satanism worldwide for my site and various publications, which led to a book deal for The Little Book of Satanism

Jonathan: What do you want to accomplish with your book? Whats the most important thing you want people to take away from the book?

La Carmina: My goal was to write a short and accessible guide to the historic/cultural/social development of Satanism, which I hope can help bring about a better understanding of Satanists and dispel popular negative perceptions about them. The religion is often misunderstood, so I wanted to provide a fair overview of Satanic rituals, symbols, holidays, pop culture, leading figures, and more. The Little Book of Satanism traces the Devils evolution over the centuries from his roots in the Bible to the Knights Templar, witch trials, Romantic writers, 1980s Satanic Panic, and socially-engaged Satanism today. Its available worldwide in paperback and digital, and you can find it here or by Googling the title.

Jonathan: For those that want to read more, dive deeper, and find out what your world looks like, what are some resources you recommend that didnt get into your book?

La Carmina: The Devil is in the details,as I put it in my introduction! I consider my book to be a starting point for those intrigued by Satanism. I encourage readers to dive deeper into the academic sources in the Bibliography if a certain topic piques their interest. These include Joseph Laycock’s Speak of the Devil (about The Satanic Temples founding and development), and the hefty tomes Children of LuciferRomantic Satanism, and Satanism: A Social History.

Jonathan: Do you have any YouTube channels and podcasts you recommend for more information?

La Carmina: I’ve appeared on the fabulous Satanic podcasts Black Mass Appeal and Satanic Study Hall, and The Dispatchist’s podcast about Hell. I also recommend The Satanic Temple TV, which has a plethora of entertainment and educational content including original series. With my co-host Dr. John Skutlin, I host Satanic Show + Tellfor TST TV; its an interview show in which we discuss notable guestsdevilish possessions.

Jonathan: Is it better to start a solo practice, or find an established Satanic Group? 

La Carmina: There isnt one path for everyone, and Satanism emphasizes individual expression and encourages questioning so its up to the individual to self-explore and see what works best for them. Some do an individualized practice, while others join local groups or become members in the leading organizations.

Jonathan: How does one find out what local groups are actually active and nearby?

La Carmina: Head to Google and social media, and ask friends. Local groups tend to be welcoming and help new members find their footing, and often have remote events for those who cant come in person.

Jonathan: What are your final words of advice for people who are interested in this topic and are trying to find their Path? 

La Carmina: Take inspiration from the literary Lucifer who stood up against dogma, asked piercing questions, and forged his own path. Or as Satanists like to say… Hail yourself! 


Thank you La Carmina for being so willing to share what Satan and Satanism means for you.

Now if you, our dear reader, is interested in learning more, don’t hesitate to jump over the La Carmina’s website about the Little Book of Satanism here, and you’re welcome to come over to the PaganPagesOrg Facebook Page or Facebook Group to share you thoughts about the book!

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