Book Review – Mama, What’s a Witch? by Nico B. Paradis

Book Review

Mama, What’s a Witch?

by Nico B. Paradis
Illustrated by Naya Kirichenko

Publisher: Luminare Press

24 Pages

Release Date: June 23, 2021




“Mama, What’s a Witch? Empowers potential witches with the best kinds of Magick: love and belief in oneself.” –

I am absolutely thrilled to write this book review. There is so much to love about this book as a mother and a witch. My three children who are elementary and middle school aged love this book as much as I do. It immediately became a family favorite.

Our story begins with a child asking “Mama, what’s a witch?” Mama then begins to explain how a witch views the world in relationship to the Earth, nature, stars, planets and sun. Illustrations showing the cycles of night and day are accompanied by a variety of animals and women.

“A witch believes and knows anything is possible.
That magick is love and that’s the most powerful.”
— Nico B. Paradis

The story continues with the child asking “Mama, can I be a witch?” Mama then explains the type of person that is a witch. This is done by describing a relationship with the natural world around you and how a witch may view that.

“My wish for you is in your self most of all you always believe.” — Nico B. Paradis

The illustrations in this book are gorgeously detailed, colorful and expressive A simple but poignant description of what a witch is that reached our hearts. The illustrated women are of all different shapes and colors. A variety of animals and scenery are depicted within the pages. There is something to touch the hearts of everyone who reads this book among the pages.

Blessed Be,

About the Author

Nico Paradis is a mom of three children and a step-mom to one. She is a practicing witch and astrologer with a Master’s in Psychology of Gender Studies. When she is not writing, you can find her having dance parties with her kids, creating art of various mediums, and reading.



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