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Communing with the Essence

The Layers of Awareness and Our Essence Coherence —


Communing with the Essence requires telling the truth. We must move with and through the layers of thinking, feeling, experiencing, believing, and perceiving in order to naturally and organically arrive at deeper states of awareness. We feel weight to feel weightless. We feel held to feel free. We feel alone to feel closeness. We sense the noise to sense silence. We become present to our life to feel present with others. Our Spirit embodies as a mortal human to know its immortality. We feel lack to feel full. We feel abundant to feel what’s missing. We forget to remember. To deny any part of our journey is to tell a lie. It’s not about what you want or trying harder to be different or bring about change. It’s not about bypassing what we deem as negative to fixate on what we call positive. We must look deeply into ourselves and first tell the truth even if it scares us or triggers shame. Eventually we learn to unravel and tell deeper and deeper truths. I feel sick and I know I am well. We hold the polarities and they, like the yin and yang circle, become One. It’s all here and purposeful.

To recognize that we are alive and to sense our Beingness underneath all the conceptualizations is communing with the Essence. What is underneath the thinking? What is underneath the feeling? What is here beyond those mechanisms in the awareness in this moment? So often we look to our thoughts and feelings to know ourselves and tell the truth, however, can you go deeper? Feel your breathing and see what’s underneath it. Feel space or spaciousness to notice what’s beyond it. What’s beyond emptiness or nothingness? You might “think” that’s a trick question but it is a prompt for your attention and awareness to look further. What’s beyond everything? What’s beyond the unknown? What’s beyond all lives ever lived? What’s beyond information and memory? What’s beyond atoms, molecules, and cells? You can feel into these questions with your mind. You can feel into these spaces with your heart. You can tune in with your energy body. What is beyond concepts? We ask questions to arrive at the answers.

With your attention attuned to unconditional awareness there is the choice to commune with Essence. There is a meeting place between you and the tree or you and other person. There is a coherence reciprocated between the two. We are fluid energetic Beings. It’s as if the very cells that make up me also make up you and it’s in their intelligence we can relate and be conscious of our relationship with one another. Much of communication, which includes the interplay of listening and speaking, depends upon the depth of trust we have within ourselves and for the other we are communicating with. If we have shallow trust we have shallow relationships. The mirror reflects and connects the perceiver and observer, the giver and receiver, blending the two in reciprocal exchange, again, making them One. The Essence within me communicates with the Essence within you. Essence connects with Essence. The I Am that is always present and dwells within everything, as the spiritual teachings share, the name for God is I Am That I Am. It feels to me through my life experience both personally and professionally that it is here we commune Essence-ly.



We commune and compute mentally, emotionally, physically, and Soulfully. You might be more aware of mental communion or emotional communication? Perhaps you’ve also been aware of physical communication? It’s all communication, yet the mode of communication can be vastly different. The same is true for Soulful communion and Spirit Communion. There is always communion happening on many levels. When most people “think” of communication and how it’s conducted they “think” or speak of the nervous system; mental, emotion, and physical communication. It seems people are less conscious of the Essence communication that is happening underneath the nervous system dialogue. You may have heard of heart coherence when our heart connects with another and barriers dissolve? Coherence is defined by Oxford dictionary as, “the quality of forming a unified whole”.

We often “think” of communication in terms of an action, but what’s beyond or underneath the action? Is there still communication? Again, this is not a trick question, yet a pointer towards, what else? Do just your lips or voice communicate? What about sign language and body language? Does love have its own language? What about grief? The same is true for Essence. How do we get to the Essence communication with our awareness? For me it’s bringing my awareness to what’s underneath or beyond all else. You can arrive at this by expanding to include more with your awareness or dissolving to arrive at what’s underneath. I will again reiterate the foundation that is trust that must root the communication. It’s very difficult to consciously commune Essence-ly when the nervous system is agitated because our attention goes where energy flows. The most dominant force will grab our attention. We hear phrases like polish the mirror to see clearly or you cannot see the depth or truth in choppy or agitated waters. Become still to know. Become silent to hear.

Communication is even unbound to the body or the entity; person, place, or thing. It’s inherent and exists within the body as well as beyond. That which is seen and unseen communicates. Communication doesn’t require a Witness either. It simply is. Beingness doesn’t require experiences. It simply is. We hold things, including concepts, tightly or rigidly to give them away and set them free. We form a conscious relationship with this communication by meditating or being in prayerful union. We go beyond the distractions to a coherence or resonance with the unified whole. What’s beyond the content? We are already sharing in this existing space, however, often unconsciously. The term enlightenment refers to our embodied awareness, which includes this coherence. Coherence is a form of communication.

We make things difficult and abstract to realize the omnipresent simplicity. We can choose to enter into relational resonance with our consciousness and enjoy the fluid exchange of communion that occurs there. It is here we receive and give, circulating in the unified field of Oneness. It was here before I wrote a single word. It’s here within every word. We soften so we may enter into these spaces. We are not looking for anything, rather we are returning our attention to that which is always here. It is boring for the hungry mind and deeply fulfilling to our Essence. You can’t show it off and there is nothing fancy about it. It’s freely available and has no objective or destination. It is already Home and perhaps its only mission is to bring our awareness Home too.

Written, recorded, and photographed by Nicole Lynn.





About the Author:

Nicole Lynn is the creator of F.L.O.E; Facilitating Love On Earth. She is a Soul Coach/Intuitive Counselor and Soul Writer. She facilitates awakening to our True Divine Nature. Nicole holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work, certifications in Auricular Acupuncture, Clinical and Holistic Hypnotherapy, Somatic Experiencing, Astrology, Numerology, Meditation, as well as Reiki and Esoteric Energy Healing modalities. She is an initiate of Contemporary Shamanism as well as more recently, Peruvian Shamanism.

Nicole Lynn lives in Northern New Hampshire with her husband. She has four adult children and five grandchildren that are the light of her life. She has a deep connection and love for Nature and leads nature-based Soul sessions, shamanic journeys, fire ceremonies, sweat lodges, and women’s circles. Nicole holds in-person and remote Soul sessions with individuals, couples, and families. She is the creator of Mushroom Medicine Oracle; A Rite of Passage through Transition, Grief, and Transformation back into Connection, Integration, and Wholeness, a 33 card deck, full color booklet, and soft tuck box set now available to purchase within the United states. You can find Nicole Lynn and all her offerings at