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    Book Review: The Occult Sylvia Plath – The Hidden Spiritual Life of the Visionary Poet by Julia Gordon-Bramer

    Book Cover for The Occult Sylvia Plath by Julia Gordon Bramer

    By: Kimberly Anne Thank you to paganpages.org, Julia Gordon-Bramer (for this wonderful book) and to the publisher Destinybooks.com! And of course, the always beloved – Sylvia Plath. By delving into Sylvia Plath’s obscure interests and how they shaped her work, Julia Gordon-Bramer‘s “The Occult Sylvia Plath – The Hidden Spiritual Life of the Visionary Poet” uncovers previously unknown facets of the poet’s life. Gordon-Bramer explores Plath’s interest in astrology, tarot, and other mystical traditions, looking at how these ideas show up in her writing. The author looks into how Plath’s fascination with the occult influenced her perspective on life and enhanced the profundity of her creative compositions. It presents Plath…

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    Book Review-Occult Germany: Old Gods, Mystics and Magicians by Christopher McIntosh

    Occult Germany: Old Gods, Mystics and Magicians by Christopher McIntosh, published by Inner Traditions Publishing is a 241 page paperback detailing the mystical and occult in Germany. McIntosh explores Germany’s ancient pagan roots, and thoroughly hops around different subjects chapter-to-chapter. The book isn’t in chronological order, but instead each chapter contains a subject that goes through different eras of Deutschland’s history. Germany has a long history of mysticism and the occult, with famous Occultists and Alchemists hailing from Germanic lands, such as Paracelsus, Agrippa, and others. McIntosh delicately discusses the Nazi regime’s impact on the occult in Germany, and also their appropriation and misuse of Germanic and Nordic pagan beliefs, practices…