Hallie has been a Practicing Pagan for 17 years and has taken these years of education and study to achieve her Certification in Herbalism at the Master Level as well as her Certification as a Meditation Instructor. Fully devoting her life to Spiritualism and living a fully Pagan lifestyle has become the drive in her life, which she achieves while striving to help others within the community turn back to Nature based living. Celebrating being open for just over one year, Hallie is also the Owner and Founder of Saol Bandia - The Goddess Life, an up and coming Metaphysical and Spiritual Hub that supports knowledge and education of all paths while selling and promoting Pagan made goods and tools at ​www.saolbandia.com​ or www.facebook.com/saolbandia. She has also recently begun teaching online courses on Spiritualism as well through her handmade courses at http://sbsstudies.thinkific.com​ focused in Spellcasting and Tarot Divination at this time. Contact Hallie directly at ​[email protected] By text or call at 502-504-7021 Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/halliewood.horrorgore Or you can reach out to her on Instagram @saol_bandia

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    Divine Introspections: Meditation Journeys through Healing and Spirituality

    In a flood of Revolution and Migration, Meditation and other Eastern health practices have taken the Western World. Our vocabularies are growing by leaps and bounds as we learn words like Kundalini, Ayurveda, and Mindfulness. In most health scenarios and Spiritual Paths we hear repeatedly that we need to Meditate. Well, sure! Now how should we begin? Another familiar path is built leading us down tunnels and paths of Guided Meditation Videos, 8 Hour Water and White Noise Playlists, and people leading Meditations – showing us lots of good practice with very little personalization. Meditation ?should? be Personal. Every person is different, so with Meditation being focused within Introspection and…