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    Book Review: Shadow Work for the Soul, Seeing Beauty in the Dark by Mary Mueller Shutan

    Book Cover for "Shadow Work for the Soul - Seeing Beauty in the Dark" by Mary Mueller Shutan

    By: Kimberly Anne  Thank you to Paganpages.org, the author Mary Mueller Shutan, and the publisher Findhorn Press!  The book “Shadow Work for the Soul; Seeing Beauty in the Dark” by Mary Mueller Shutan explores the idea of shadow work as a method for healing and personal development. Greater self-awareness and wholeness can be achieved by facing and integrating our shadow aspects, which are the hidden or suppressed portions of ourselves. This is the central theme of the book. To assist readers on this difficult but ultimately gratifying path, Shutan draws on insights and practical practices from the fields of psychology, spirituality, and energy healing. If one wants to heal more…