Bound by the Opression of Love

Bound by the opression of love.

The tortures, unsympathetic mind you posess.

Constant, consistent, rejections fill you with the color of happiness.

Red, blue, green.

You keep me shackled to you, close enough, like a watchful hawk’s eye.

But far enough that the taste of sweet honey is denied.

Fighting through the incoherentness that is you.

Only leads back to the illusion of who you were supposed to be.


author bio:

My name is Alisha Poff. I grew up in Bluefield WV. I’ve always loved to write. Pretty much since I learned how to. I wrote alot of short stories when I was younger. I won a few awards for them. One being the Young Writer’s when I was in 3rd grade. I started writing poetry when I was 13. After I read my first Edgar Allen Poe poem. My main influence is Sylvia Plath. I love her style and her words speak to me. My inspiration comes from my life. I write about everything that has happened to me. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I find it makes for good writing and release. I’m currently in college working towards a journalism degree. In my free time I enjoy laying the tarot, a bit of ghost hunting, and spending time with my loved ones. I practice Wicca. I also spend most of my time reading and of course writing.