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    Retha’s Crystal Reflections

    The Magic of Azurite     I have been wanting to write about azurite for some time, as it’s such an important crystal it deserves its own moment. Azurite is one of the most potent and intense stones you can work with. So strong that Edgar Cayce credits azurite with being instrumental in aiding his many visions and predictions! This crystal will make itself known and stand out from the rest of your crystal tools as you start to work & focus on your psychic potential. To learn all about this truly amazing gem, read on!     Azurite is a deep blue copper carbonate mineral with a porous appearance.…

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    Spiritual Gaslighting: Structures that Prevent It (Part 2)

    (art by Kathleen Dalrymple)     In…2020, we may feel as if the world comes to a halt. This huge global crossroad polarizes the forces of humanitarian consciousness and goodwill, for one, versus ancient and outdated forces of control, manipulation, and abuse of power, on the other hand. The fight can be fierce! One of the most noticeable changes we may observe is that in the coming few years, we’ll see more and more individuals taking full responsibility for their role within the society, living in harmony with one another and with the environment. This is how globally humankind will graduate from the state of teenager/young adult to a fully…

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    The Bee – An Excerpt From Pagan Portals: Celtic Witchcraft by Mabh Savage

    The following includes an excerpt from Pagan Portals: Celtic Witchcraft by Mabh Savage   An animal that has had many sacred associations throughout the aeons, yet is mentioned all too infrequently in Celtic texts, is the bee. We know the Celts ate honey and drank mead, so they must have had skill with bees, yet it is rarely written of by the scholars of the middle ages who gave us most of the Celtic literature we now refer to. The bee is a dangerous animal that simply needs to be respected. Yes, a bee can sting you and undoubtedly it will hurt. It can even kill, if you are sensitive…

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    Gael Song

    The Hardest Thing About a Druid Path: The Pagan Divide from the World   I’ve been on a druid path since 1982, nearly forty years. And right from the very first moment, during a small ritual on Mother’s Day in 1982, I felt the Goddess come in to lead me, a Goddess no one had mentioned in my entire life before that. Growing up, I lived within a Christian framework, until I was 35 and felt intensely drawn to read about Celtic times and lore, learning about the Goddess as I explored. And She began to show up in my quiet times or just before I fell asleep, too. After…

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    Secrets of a Daffodil

      I place my ear gently to the golden trumpet What secrets do you hold? I heard you whispering Just as you called to Persephone Am I distracted by your beauty Waiting for Hades to snatch me away Or am I the kidnapper Of my own destiny? Narcissus whispers sweetly ‘Don’t be so hard on yourself’ And bobs his yellow head In the soft, spring breeze.   *** About the Author: Mabh Savage is a Pagan author, poet and musician, as well as a freelance journalist. She is the author of A Modern Celt: Seeking the Ancestors & Pagan Portals – Celtic Witchcraft: Modern Witchcraft Meets Celtic Ways.

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    Worth the Witch

    Wisdom Keepers Book Box by WEvolve     WEvolve’s Wisdom Keepers Book Box launched in December 2019. Its first was “An Exploration of Past Lives.”     The book around which the box was themed was “The Past Life Perspective: Discovering Your True Nature Across Multiple Lifetimes” by Ann Barham. As described on Amazon – where seventy-five percent of people who rated the book gave it five stars – it is described this way: In this rare and fascinating intimate glimpse at past life regression therapy, licensed therapist Ann Barham invites us into her office as she helps her clients mine their unconscious memories for the key past life experiences…

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    Meet the Gods: Papa Legba     Papa Legba is a lao – a spirit in Haitian and Louisiana Voudou – acting as an intermediary between humans and Bondye, the creator god considered to be unknowable to mortals. For that reason, spiritual work is done with the loa much like with angels or saints, however sources indicate they want to be fed and honored before being asked for help. Papa Legba guards the spiritual crossroads. Because he speaks all languages and has the gift of elocution, he can translate human petitions and decide which to deliver to the loa.     He has evolved from his origins in Dahomey, a…

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    Things to do with the Kids this Spring Equinox

      The Spring Equinox is also called the Vernal Equinox and is when day and night are roughly equal. It’s the halfway point between the winter solstice and the summer solstice. After the Spring equinox, the light increases a little every day, although the way up to the longest day of the summer solstice. In the Northern hemisphere, the spring equinox is on Thursday the 19th and Friday the 20th March, depending on location. In the Southern hemisphere, this is the autumnal equinox. The spring equinox for the Southern hemisphere will be on Tuesday 22nd September. The Spring Equinox is a great time to get kids involved with pagan activities,…

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    Diana The Goddess an Excerpt from ‘Witchcraft: A Secret History’ by Michael Streeter

    Diana The Goddess Excerpted from ‘Witchcraft: A Secret History’ by Michael Streeter     The Roman Empire occupies an important place in the history of witchcraft. Such was its wide-ranging dominance that it provided a bridge from the ancient world, the world of the Sumerians, Egyptians, Persians, Babylonians, and Greeks, into the Christian era in Europe. The Romans were generally suspicious of witchcraft and magic: for them, it was just another subversive element in a world where order always seemed to be under attack from chaos. Yet the Romans also bequeathed us the legacy of one of the most powerful goddesses of the ancient world, a goddess who was to…

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    Brigid’s Arrival

    (Art Poster Print of Brigid by Anette of Anette PRS Illustrations.)   When she comes She comes in the room Like a gulp of cold air A hurricane to the face A slap so soft and sharp So caring and cold So great and so bold So young yet so old Every atom sings This lady; this goddess; this spirit This sidhe, from beyond the hills She came to see What you had put out for her Sheep’s milk, oats and apples Whiskey, candles and hope. She blasts through the door A draught of delight In spring’s awakening. We hold hands and shake As her powers leaves us quaking. Motherly…