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Book Review & Interview – Green Witchcraft: Discover how to use Herbs, Flowers, Woods, Crystals, and Essential Oils to Naturally Heal, Increase Abundance, and Align Yourself with the Magic of Mother Earth by Madeline Silvy

Book Review

Green Witchcraft:
Discover How to use Herbs, Flowers,
Woods, Crystals, and Essential Oils
to Naturally Heal, Increase Abundance,
and Align Yourself with
the Magic of Mother Earth

by Madeline Silvy

Publisher: Self-Published

233 Pages

Release Date: September 12, 2023




Some books feel like a conversation and visit from an old friend, one that you enjoy very much. Green Witchcraft by Madeline Silvy brought the comfort and companionship of sisterhood to my heart and home. Being brought up in a family of all men, it took me a while to discover the beauty and truth spoken, Women need Women. Green Witchcraft delivered the fulfillment of that need wrapped and packaged up in a delightful book. I loved the detailed descriptions of working with the seasons, crystals, herbs, and candles, but perhaps what I appreciated the most was Madeline’s thorough explanation and perspective on the often taboo and misunderstood terminology of Witch, Green Witch, and Witchcraft. These are words I rarely have identified with nor used with the fairly new recognition of “Witch”. However, I felt Madeline was speaking of me and my personal life, and my love and devotion for Nature. I realized how programmed we all are to believe and take as fact that Witchcraft is evil and the practitioners worship evil forces. Green Witchcraft felt like home and was imbued with beauty and blessings. There was nothing scary written or expressed, if anything Madeline Silvy shares her devotional path as a way of living in touch and reverently with the Divine. She shares, “A green witch can follow any religion and honor the divine in her way as long as she continues to keep nature sacred. The green witch sees the divine in all of nature and interprets that divinity differently. Green magic is a constant celebration of the cycle of life. It is a dialogue with nature that enriches the green witch and the Earth.”

We walked barefoot on the earth, through the journey of reading Green Witchcraft, the author and I. I could feel I was in the company of a woman who walks her path and openly shares with those who have a curiosity and desire to listen. To read her life’s wisdom was an honor and sheer delight, full of inspiration and heartfelt connection. I could feel Madeline Silvy has a woman rooted and sustained by her deep connection and devotional path of Green Witchcraft. She called this “reconnection between nature and self” a “homecoming”. I resonate with this embodied remembrance as well. Madeline shared how, “Roots are an essential concept of green magic because when something is rooted, it springs from a source, strong and anchored. We may only see the trunk and branches of a tree, but the root system develops deep and wide as its foundation, strength, and authenticity.” This whole book felt like an anchor holding me in sacred reassurance that I can trust my path, my rituals and celebrations. Not that we need validation, but it is comforting to see yourself and your practices of reverence also honored by another. You may be like me and previously not identified with the term Witchcraft, but have had a profound love and connection with nature? Or, perhaps, you have followed a Witchcraft path consciously but wish to deepen your relationship with nature? Either way, Madeline Silvy’s Green Witchcraft; Discover how to use Herbs, Flowers, Woods, Crystals, and Essential Oils to Naturally Heal, Increase Abundance, and Align Yourself with the Magic of Mother Earth will delight you. Madeline’s rich wisdom and depth of compassion goes beyond labels. She simplifies the practice down to its nourishing roots for the most enriching and savory experiences.

Although rituals are fun and can help us to see the magic in the mundane and live reverently and presently, Madeline shares a passage that she says contains the essence of Green Witchcraft, “Aho Mitakuye Oyasin, greetings all my relatives”.¹ She goes on to say, “This sentence encompasses the entire perception of what you and I are creating between these pages. The expression reminds us that everything is connected and that we are all relatives – we are all one. The birds, trees, squirrels, rocks, humankind, every life form on Earth and the Earth Herself, the cosmos and everything in it – we are all relatives.” This book blends the resources and knowledge of Green Witchcraft with the often unseen and unspoken “roots” and “mycelium” of Green Witchcraft, that which connects us all. I have a deep appreciation for how this book is set up, first defining what Green Witchcraft and being a Green Witch is to Madeline Silvy and then, going into the different chapters around all the fun ways you can grow in your own practice using the elements, chakras, astrology, gardening, herbalism, archetypes, animal symbolism, lunar cycles, and so much more. I love her story of drinking the dew during the summer solstice!

¹ Editor’s note: this is a traditional Lakota saying.

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About the Author

Madeline Silvy is a spokesperson and advocate for embodied self-realization. Her life’s journey has been one of remembering her roots and who she is through the path of always being a nature lover. Her Sicilian Nonna, Grandmother, was influential on her path of rediscovery and remembrance. She is an author and mystic with deep practices in Wicca and Witchcraft who lives with her funny and very orange cat, Silvestro. She has devoted her life to nature and trusting in the mystical, openly awaiting life’s splendor and surprises!


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About the Author:

Nicole Lynn is the creator of F.L.O.E; Facilitating Love On Earth. She is a Soul Coach/Intuitive Counselor and Soul Writer. She facilitates awakening to our True Divine Nature. Nicole holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work, certifications in Auricular Acupuncture, Clinical and Holistic Hypnotherapy, Somatic Experiencing, Astrology, Numerology, Meditation, as well as Reiki and Esoteric Energy Healing modalities. She is an initiate of Contemporary Shamanism as well as more recently, Peruvian Shamanism.

Nicole Lynn lives in Northern New Hampshire with her husband. She has four adult children and five grandchildren that are the light of her life. She has a deep connection and love for Nature and leads nature-based Soul sessions, shamanic journeys, fire ceremonies, sweat lodges, and women’s circles. Nicole holds in-person and remote Soul sessions with individuals, couples, and families. She is the creator of Mushroom Medicine Oracle; A Rite of Passage through Transition, Grief, and Transformation back into Connection, Integration, and Wholeness, a 33 card deck, full color booklet, and soft tuck box set now available to purchase within the United states. You can find Nicole Lynn and all her offerings at