About Us

How PaganPagesOrg Was Born…

PaganPagesOrg began as an idea for a newsletter in an old Yahoo group . The idea was for a newsletter to be distributed on the first of every month. Our many creative members were taking on topics of interest to them for their monthly columns. As time went on and the newsletter grew, we decided to open it up to other yahoo groups & then other pagans on the web. Many were interested and signed on. Our little newsletter grew to such a size that we could no longer consider it a newsletter anymore. Our eMagazine was born.

Our Contributors…

Our writers consist of monthly columnists that you can look forward to reading on a regular basis. We also have many contributors, who are kind enough, when they have time, to share their knowledge. We are honored to have contributions from both professionals & nonprofessional authors.

And Now…

And now our baby is ready. The Writers, My husband & I  have spent much time, blood, sweat & tears on PaganPagesOrg & we are very excited. We know from month to month we will grow in content & imagery. We share her freely with all. We just hope we inspire everyone to think, learn, & laugh. And most of all, we just want you all to enjoy!!

Many Blessings,

Jenn & Ben


Contact Email Addresses

If you have any questions or comments please contact us at  jenniferwright at paganpages dot org


If you are looking to Subscribe

If you are looking to subscribe to PaganPagesOrg monthly Emagazine, please sign up to one of our social media pages to get notification reminders for each New Issues release.  If you do not have social media, our Emagazine publishes a New Issue on or about the 1st of every month.


If you are interested in contributing to Pagan Pages please email us at  jenniferwright at paganpages dot org


We are an open community and look forward to receiving a variety of articles from you!! For more information on how to become a PaganPagesOrg Writer send an email to  jenniferwright at paganpages dot org.

To contact Jennifer Wright, Editor of PaganPagesOrg, email jenniferwright at paganpages dot org.

To contact Benjamin Wright, Assistant Editor of PaganPages, email benjaminwright at paganpages dot org.