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PaganPagesOrg History

PaganPagesOrg began as an idea for a newsletter in an old Yahoo group. The newsletter was distributed monthly, and contained monthly columns from our many creative writers. Over time, we decided to open the magazine up to other Yahoo groups, and then, to other Pagans on the internet. As we opened it up, we found new authors and creatives to join our team. We had our first public issue of PaganPagesOrg in April 2006, and have been releasing the magazine ever since. We have recently moved away from a monthly magazine format to an ongoing blog format, where we continue to provide the best Pagan content!

Our Contributors

We have a diverse staff of contributors who write our columns, articles, and reviews. We have both professional and amateur authors who kindly donate their time and knowledge to us. Please show your appreciation for their hard work by donating to their Kofi links and perusing the Marketplace to support them!

If you’d like to become a contributor, please visit the contributions page.

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