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    #168 – The Beltane Issue

    Welcome Beltane! We’ve got tons of content to help you make the most of your spring fire and flower festivals! In Book Reviews: Moon Path Yoga, Hagitude, Spells for Living Well, Trees Are Our Letters, The Nature of Astrology — and more! Also in this issue: New monthly columns: Stellar Applications, SpellCrafting, Moon Magic, Tarot with Lady Saoirse — and many others! Correspondences to help you plan your May Day celebration! COMING SOON: Ask Magic Myrtle: a new advice column is coming to Pagan Pages! — Go visit our Ask Magic Myrtle page to submit your questions now! Getting eye strain from the background? Just click on the Moon/Sun switch…

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    Book Review – The Little Book of the Occult: An Introduction to Dark Magick by Astrid Carvel

    Book Review The Little Book of the Occult: An Introduction to Dark Magick  by Astrid Carvel Publisher: Moon Books / John Hunt Publishing Ltd. 129 Pages Release Date: March 7, 2023         The Little Book of the Occult presents the concepts of Occult Magick. Astrid Carvel presents the concepts of historical witchcraft in perfect concert with real time practices and the popularity of witchcraft on social media. The chapters are organized in a manner that addresses the What, Why and How of the practice of Occult Magick. In her introduction, Astrid indicates that this book is an introduction to all things magickal, however the delightful surprise is…

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    #167 – The Ostara Issue

    Blessed Ostara! What’s going on? It’s only February — so why are we talking about Ostara? Well, we decided to make a change! We are embracing the Wheel of the Year as a schedule for our releases this year, so you’ll be getting a new issue every Sabbat. Each issue will be themed according to the next Sabbat on the calendar, so that you have all the information that you might need to plan your seasonal rituals, celebrations, and spell work throughout the year. And there’s so much more coming! We’re adding new columns and new writers, so we have a lot of new content on the way. INTRODUCING: Learning…

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    #166 — The Yule Issue

    Blessed Yule! — Time to get cozy and curl up with your favorite e-zine! In this issue, our authors: Celebrate a Blessed Yule with correspondences, recipes, and more… Sit down with author Ron George to discuss his Elizabeth Franklin witchy fiction series… Explore five varieties of delicious simmer pots to make your home smell like winter… Review the Rebel Oracle Deck and several of its variations… Delve into the Weiser Tarot, a newly re-drawn Rider-Waite-Smith variation… Share book excerpts & poetry… Plus — Tons of book reviews — Pagan Family Prayers & Rituals — The Wheel of the Year — GaeaGenesis — and much more!  

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    #165 — The Samhain Issue

    Hallowed Samhain! — This October, we: Celebrate a Hallowed Samhain with correspondences, recipes, and more… Sit down with Pagan elder Oberon Zell to discuss Neopaganism, the Green Egg, and the Church of All Worlds… Explore the magickal benefits of Middle Eastern Oud incense… Review a whole bunch of new Pagan Portals titles… Delve into the Mood Tarot & Mood Oracle… Share book excerpts & poetry… Plus — Tons of book reviews — A review of The Rota Mundi Tarot — Working with the Gods when you have ADHD — and much more!  

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    The Lughnasadh Issue

    Blessed Lughnasadh! — This harvest holiday, we have a wonderful issue for you! We have an extensive interview with Natalie Meraki, as well as book reviews of the latest books from Jason Miller, Gabriel Herstik, and many more. Visit our Facebook page to enter our Big Harvest Giveaway! We’ll be giving one prize away every two weeks — follow the PaganPagesOrg Facebook page to learn more!

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    The Litha Issue

    Summer Solstice Book Giveaway! — Go visit our Facebook page and comment on our Summer Book Giveaway post to enter to win a copy of Hector Salva’s Espiritsmo: Puerto Rican Mediumship and Magic, which was reviewed by Saoirse in this issue of Pagan Pages. We’ll announce a winner live on Facebook at noon on the Summer Solstice, so stay tuned!

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    Book & Oracle Deck Review -The Illustrated Bestiary: Guidance and Rituals from 36 Inspiring Animals by Maia Toll, Illustrated by Kate O’Hara

    Book & Oracle Deck Review The Illustrated Bestiary Guidance and Rituals from 36 Inspiring Animals The Illustrated Bestiary by Maia Toll Illustrated by Kate O’Hara Storey Publishing 167 Pages       The Illustrated Bestiary is a true gem to add to your collection. Maia Toll presents a gorgeously Illustrated guide to the world of animism, complete with a 36 card accompanying oracle deck invites you to walk the path of your ancestors as you discover the animals spirits who have guided mankind for millennia. This book radiates majesty with beautifully rendered art in the deepest richest hues imaginable. The images instantaneously transport you to the spirit of this animal.…

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    Book Review – Navigating the Financial Universe: Prospering and Preparing for Challenges Ahead by Christeen H. Skinner

    Book Review Navigating the Financial Universe Prospering and Preparing for Challenges Ahead by Christeen H. Skinner 221 Pages     Financial astrologer Christeen H. Skinner’s 2004 book, The Financial Universe, set out the relationships between stock, bond and other financial markets and planetary events and cycles through 2020. In that book, she alerted readers to the 2008 Great Recession based on astrological events. In her newest book published in 2019, Navigating the Financial Universe – Prospering and Preparing for the Challenges Ahead, she describes the extraordinary astrology between 2018 and the early 2030s, and leads readers through what look to be tumultuous financial times ahead. Skinner uses the “navigation” metaphor…

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    WitchCrafting: Crafts for Witches

    Witch’s Runes Merry meet.     I was a witch for more than a decade before I came across a set of witch’s runes at a tag sale. It was several more months before I was able to identify what they were. If you believe less is more, you will want these. If the traditional Norse rune symbols don’t resonate with you, it could be because they don’t speak your language. Every witch, pagan and muggle can understand these eight symbols: sun, moon, wave, birds, leaf, rings, crossed spears, and the color black. My symbols were burned into twig slices. If you’d like to make a set, you might consider…