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Book Review-The Language of Lenormand By- Erika Robinson

As someone fascinated with divination when offered the chance to read a book I haven’t heard of about divination I was excited, but at the same time I was sceptical. I find most “How To Read Tarot” books are either very specific with what each card means or ridiculously vague. It’s hard to get a feel of your own for the cards. I was happily surprised when reading Erika Robinson’s book.

The author, Erika Robinson, does a fantastic job of focusing on how to read the cards in conjunction with each other, better than any how to book I’ve read. Reading about how the cards change as they, in her words, “dance with the cards that surround it,” it made learning to read the cards and remembering their connections much easier.

The Lenormand deck is a picture deck, not too different from other oracle decks, however the pictures are much more simplistic. But don’t let the simplicity fool you, if in a three card spread you pull cards 4,5 &6, (House- 4, Tree- 5, Clouds- 6) their arrangement can foretell many things like worry about health issues at home or even doubt of a lasting housing arrangement. 

Each chapter of this book covers three cards, and the end of each chapter contains questions to quiz yourself on the material. As you go through the book there are multiple examples of how to read the cards in different spreads with examples. The way this author approached teaching the cards helps readers like me learn, not just the individual cards, but how to truly connect the dots and read a spread in a way that feels simple and intuitive instead of rehearsed and performed rote as many of us were taught Tarot years ago.
Overall, this book is well written and kept me eager to continue reading. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to learn an Oracle deck. 10/10 Pentacles.

A black and white Lenormand deck.

About the Author 

Rayleigh May is a 29 year old out of Tennessee who has been practicing her craft for over a decade. With particular interests in divination and all things death, she finds joy in making the magical part of her everyday mundane life.