CD Review

Dreams, Drums, & Green Thumbs
Artist: Bonnie Lockhart 1032 Winsor Avenue, Oakland, CA. 94610
Year 2002

Intially, this cd held nothing for me as the first song In My Family’s House
reminded me kind of the something I would hear on the Beverly
Hillbillies…and I mean no disrespect by that. It just was not of my taste.
Who Were The Witches was a very amazing and powerful song and I believe my
favorite on this cd. I decided that perhaps since I was 38, that I needed a
childrens opinion. I borrowed my neighbors kids who are ages 2 and 7 years
of age. Some of the songs caught their attention as they were upbeat and fun
while others were sung quite like slow ballads and I noticed that the kids
didn’t respond as well. Perhaps as background music in a day care this would
be good, or perhaps for a homeschool mom but just to pop this cd in and
expecting the kids to be entertained…I don’t see it happening.


author bio:

My name is Katrina Stiles and I am a born and raised Pagan. I am a wife,
mother to two natural children, my daughter age 17, my son 19. We have 3
furbabies and 1 furgrandbaby. Yes, a full house and yes, some days, I think
I am going to go crazy! I own and operate a business from my home called
DreadfullyYours. I make dread wraps, bandanas and fabric bags. I also own a
wire wrapping gemstone jewelry business called Standing Stones Designs. I
also read alot. I find that when I need quiet time, I dive into a book and
disappear for awhile…it’s the best medicine! If you ever have any
questions, drop an email to me at [email protected]