IsisMoon Tree Crafts







All the pictures are made with the program
Vue 5 Esprit, from e-on software.

I realy love this program. It´s easy to get started
with and make lovely landscapes. And there is
a lot of stuff out on the net for free, like objects
and other things.

The pentagram is the first object I managed to
make myself and I´m rather pleased with it.
Hope you like the pictures as much as I do.
Just remember I am only a beginner working with this


crafters bio:

Greatings to All
I am IsisMoonTree, a swedish solitary Witch. This path has been mine for about 5-6 years now and I love it. So much to learn and some very lovely people have become my close friends all over the world. I thank the Goddess and God for bringing me on this path. My name comes from a great love of and connection to Isis – the Egyptian Mother Goddess, a strong connection to the Moon and Tree for nature and for describing who and how I am – firmly standing and bending in the winds of life but not breaking, reaching for the sky and a desire to learn all there is…

The pictures you see here are just an example of my work. I love photography and use my camera almost every day. Besides this I also make dresses in “medeval style”, wands, cross stitch patterns and other “Witchy” stuff…

I hope I give you some joy and inspiration.
May You All be Blessed

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