Crystal Clear

Love and Warmth

During this time of year everything all around is decorated cheerfully in red and green.  This is to bring happiness to our  hearts during the dark winter season.  We find earthly reasons to celebrate, bringing good cheer to one another with the joy of fun winter activities, and gift giving.  Done properly giving is as wonderful as receiving.  A stone which teaches us about both sides of this coin is rose quartz.

With happiness and good cheer already in the air, rose quartz is a wonderful stone friend to share it with.  Its lovely soft pink color is warming and pleasant to the eye.  Its energy very much matches this color in that it is soft and cuddly.  It gives us a feeling of gentle love and soft well-being when we hold, carry, or wear this kind but powerful stone.  Among its many lessons are:
1.  Universal love.  In rose quartz’s expansive good will, it is easy to open our hearts to the greater love when we are in the presence of  this wise stone.  Its warm energy helps us to feel niceness and good will for the entire world.
2.  Self-love.  Rose quartz gives us its own loving energy.  In seeing that we are loved by this giving stone, we are strong enough to look into ourselves and find reasons to love the person we see there.  Having rose quartz about can soften self-judgments and assist them to be more constructive.
3.  Drawing love.  Rose quartz’s soft love is often felt as romantic by those seeking to find new romance or to strengthen an old one.  Therefore working with rose quartz and asking it for help in these matters can assist in drawing positive results.

With all this in mind, not only is rose quartz a fitting stone to have for the season of love and good cheer, it is also a very fitting gift.  Passing the love on to someone else is a wonderful gesture.  When gifting someone with a stone, it is always beneficial to tell that person about the stone so they  can better understand the new friend you’ve kindly gifted them with.

Another wonderful stone for sharing the joy of the season is carnelian.  This lovely orange or red stone is a very bright and cheerful soul.  It is another  to add to the good cheer of the season, and share it  with those in its presence.  As we’ve the winter solstice coming up, Carnelian is fitting for it is a fire stone, that can be found to come in shades similar to the sun when it appears orange.  Carnelian teaches us about the warmth of a bright cheerful fire that warms our cold hands from the winter chill.  It works with the second chakra, and thus with the freedom of expression of our creativity and sexuality.  As creativity and sexuality both stem from a passionate center, carnelian helps to  keep these in a healthy balance.  If anyone on your holiday gift list could use work in these areas, they’d likely love a new carnelian friend in  their stocking.

May you have much good cheer and love in this bright/dark season of winter festivities. Happy stoning!