Crystal Song, Chapter 5

When had the chosen become intergrated with the ruling class? When he looked at the assembly before him, he realized he was staring at the daughters, nieces, and grandaughters of the council members of the ruling classes. This realization disturbed him.

“Did you find the one who introupted our merge?” Asked the oldest of the chosen. She was in her 40th turn of the yearly sun and was designated the spokeswoman of the chosen.

Randmier bowed his head slightly in difference to her station and answered. “I have.”

“Good”. She answered and rose. “The council wishes to see this person immediately.”

An older man rose and stood by the woman who looked very much like himself. “You will bring them before us immediately.” His voice sounded like the squeek of new crystals tuning to the matrix and grated on Randmier’s nerves.

Randmier bowed his head for the barest of moments to collect his thoughts. “When I found her this rising,” He paused meeting thier eyes. “She had just renewed a root chamber after it’s near death. The green singer is near collapse at this moment and resting.” He paused again holding thier attention. “I would suggest that it may be a more probable idea to allow her a resting time before forcing a meeting”.

There was a confering betwee3n them and then a raise in voices for the barest of moments. Randmier began to realize that he may not have been truthful to the green singer. He sensed an animosity in the council he had not realized was there. This moment gave him the opportunity to see them fopr what they were. -Very bloated with thier own importance and power- When had thier society reached this point? He wondered. This new realization disturbed him greatly.

“We will allow her the beinifit of a resting time until the setting of the daily sun.” Randmier’s eyes focused as he came out of his reverie. He bowed slightly as he came to attention then turned to leave.

“Randmier,” This came from the youngest of the chosen. She was only 15 yearly turns and looked as if a small wind might topple her slight form.

Kala stood from her far seat and approached. She held a small star beast within her arms. It was only about a foot in length and it’s fur glistened in the morning light. The crystal embeded within its brow flared then went dim. It was her beloved pet and also had been affected by the matrix’s collapse.

A single tear slipped down her cheek as she held her pet out to him. Randmier knelt infront of her to bring his eyes level with her’s and took her pet in his arms. Its long ears draped over his hands to nearly touch the floor. The animal shivered as its lack of connection to the matrix left it cold and without a way to regain its body heat. It wrapped its long fuzzy tail vainly about itself for warmth as it tucked its nose into his hands to gahter warmth there.

“Trinket’s lifeforce cannot be reattached” She said sadly, her voice catching “None of us can reattach it.” A small glimmer of hope flickered in her eyes. “Perhaps if the green singer can revive a root cavern, then she can save him.” Her voice caught as she began to cry. “I know the green singer is tired, but he has been my closest friend since I can remember.” A pleading note slipped into her voice. “Please, please see if she will try.”

Randmier stood andtucked the shivering star beast close to his heart under his tunic where it snuggled close to him for warmth. It was not his area, but even one such as he couldfeel the creature’s broken link.

As he traversed the halls back to where the green singer rested, many thoughts raced though his head. he could feel the little creature taking his warmth into its own body only to have it leave just as quickly. This made them both very cold. He began to shiver along with the creature.

Randmier knew that it had taken her love for her pet for Kala to ask this of a complete stranger. She was the only on of the chosen that did not express a haughty knowledge of rank This disturbed him.

Again he was taken aback by the fact that they had all become very complacent in thier dealings with the life matrix. He wondered if that in part, had caused the collapse.

Randmier reached the green singer’s chamber and rapped on the porthole. After receiving no answer he stepped in. He found her asleep as he had left her. She had not even bothered to remove her outer cloak.

He knelt and softly touched her shoulder.

Sai woke with a start. Her heart pounding in alarm. It took a few moments for her to register her surroundings.

When her eyes focused on him, Randmier took out the tiny star beast. ” I am sorry to disturb your rest,” He said. ” was asked to bring this star beast to you.”

Randmier handed the trembling creature to the green singer. As soon as it touched her hands, it began to hum and trill. Randmier’s eyes widened. He had never seen anything like it.

“Its connection was broken.” He explained. “It’s owner has asked if you can help.”

Sai looked down at the little creature in her lap. She felt the break in its connection. She was tired and yet she knew if she did not do something the creature would die.

Sai held it closer and began to softly sing as she made the connection to the matrix. The star beast began to hum and trill along with her song as the cryastal in its brow glowed. Sai felt the connection and repaired it and felt the creature’s life force strengthen. Sai weakly handed the little star beast back to the guardian. She lay back down and closed her eyes. A chill had crept into her body and she sought the warmth of the matrix.