December 2008 Monthly Tarot Card Reading by Lady M

Card #1, RECENT PAST: TWO OF COINS Reversed: You have either been offered or have found that you need a different job, be it a transfer or promotion or even a completely new job or position.  It is a time of change and upheaval, just what you don’t really want added to the mix with all the holiday stress, but you need to deal with it.  It is the reality of today, it is just a change and needs to be though of in that way.

Card #2, CURRENT: JUSTICE: You have accepted that there are things you cannot control or change, and this has given you a new sense of balance and harmony.  The ability to balance your needs and wants with what you can and cannot control is giving you that sense of control you needed so that you could accept and work with the things you cannot control.  Just in time to deal with the stress involved with the holidays, there are more things and people we cannot control in our lives around this time of the year then ever.

Card #3, NEAR FUTURE: TEN OF CUPS: This is all about emotional commitments.  Doing what you can to make the people in your life happy and fulfilled and at the same time finding some happiness and fulfillment for yourself.  You are determined to make the best of things no matter what life (and the people in your life) through at you.

Card #4, TYING IN CARDS 1 AND 2: KING OF COINS Reversed: You are doing what you have to do to survive.  You are working for a paycheck, nothing more.  You don’t enjoy your job or jobs but it is what you need to do.  Being the best, or being respected because of your job title or paycheck is not what is important, being able to pay the bills, keep a roof over your head and food on the table is.  Take great pried in that you are doing what you have to so you can provide for yourself and your family.  That is more important then any job title.

Card #5, TYING IN CARDS 2 AND 3: TEN OF WANDS: Don’t carry everyone else’s burdens.  You have enough on your plate dealing with your own life; don’t let others put you in a place of responsibility for their problems.  You are just getting your life back on track, have things in balance.  Taking on someone else’s problems or burdens is going to destroy the balance and harmony you have worked so hard to achieve.  You have a commitment to yourself and your family, and it does not include other people’s issues.  You have enough to deal with so you are unable to take on other peoples “crap” no matter how much they pull on your hart strings.  Time to be tough; even though it is the season to help out others, you need to take care of you and yours first.

Card #6, FINAL CARD: KING OF CUPS Reversed: Right now even though you are an emotionally mature man, capable of giving and receiving love you need to deal with your own life and problems not other peoples.  You have to protect yourself emotionally.  This month is going to be very difficult emotionally for you.  You are going to feel drained all the time and wish you could go off by yourself and maybe scream at the moon (or in a pillow at least).  You are dealing with a lot of emotions and may have to shut down emotionally for a bit.  You may even feel numb or uncaring about other people’s issues, and that is ok because right now you need to take care of yourself and your family.

A lot of harsh things have happened in the last few weeks and you are doing your best to pull through this whole thing.  You need to deal with what is important for you and your family, the people you are actually responsible for, who depend on you.  You cannot add any more to the mix right now, and it may seem cold or uncaring at this time of the year but so what.  Putting food on the table, and something under the tree is what is driving you this month, you will have time for other niceties later when things become more stable and less stressful.