Beautiful Things

Beautiful Things

I could fill my house

With beautiful things

Fill my house with

All those Witchy like things

Altars and candles

Cloaks and tools

Gems and stones

Incense and Runes

Oils and potions

That heel my woes

Spells and chants

Chase the sorrows

All of these things

Beautiful and yet

The power of such

Please don’t forget

Comes not from a spell

A Candle, a gem

Comes not from without

But from within

My house is full

Of beautiful things

Of dirty faces

That need to be cleaned

Dishes in the sink

Laundry to be done

I look at my children

I am full of love

And the most beautiful things

Are not things indeed

These tiny footsteps

Will someday see

A heart is the most

Beautiful “thing” of all