Faeries, Elves and Other kin

Normally I would have written something about the Fae and had fully intended on writing an article based on the Water faeries but when I got up this morning and turned on my computer I received a bit of extremely sad news; a very good friend of mine’s mother had just passed away. As I tried to get my mind on the work at hand I just could not get my friend off my mind. What do you say when someone has lost a loved one, let alone their mother? Do I call or perhaps send some flowers? These things all fade away. So in dedication of a life taken to soon I wrote this little verse.

Time stands still in Tir na nÓg (In Memory of Patrick’s Mom, you will be missed)

Come with me to the land hidden amidst the sea

No sorrow, no pain. Never more to age again

Houses are made from jewels and gold. Shinning like castles in the sun

Birds singing, whilst blossoming flowers grow all around

Ocean breezes soft and warm

Awakening the soul to the sounds of celestial song

So come with me to Tir na nÓg

For time stands still

In the land of the forever young

~ M. Burke (2008)

In times of sorrow when you feel as if you just cannot carryon, keep your head held high and remember the land of Tir na nÓg where time stands still.