Ghosts and Hauntings 101: A Procedural Manual for the Investigation of the Paranormal


Contact with Spirit Entities

Each of us is born with a natural sensitivity to spirit entities. It is society and our exposure to the culture around us that tends to teach us to surpress and ignore that natural talent. In some of us, though, it is quite strong and is never completely surpressed. In a tiny fraction, it is sufficiently powerful to survive intact throughout an individual’s life. This ability is not something to be feared or ashamed of; it is a gift.

All children are sensitive before they are old enough to be taught by those around them that it is impossible or to understand the concept that it is bad, wicked or evil.

In many cases, a child’s gift manifests by their acquiring imaginary or invisible playmates. Parents think this is cute and charming, but in many cases it is likely the spirit entity of a child has managed to find another child to play with. The disappearance of the imaginary playmate generally happens when the physical child ages and grows beyond the desire to play and sometimes blocks the ability to sense their companion. In short, the earthly child ages, but the child spirit entity will always be a child and will eventually find another little playmate.

Some individuals retain this gift of sensing and communicating with spirit entities throughout life. For those who are extremely high-level natural sensitives and psychic the existence of such spirits is never doubted. Communication is always possible and usually goes on regularly. However, anyone at this level of sensitivity will quickly explain to the investigator that they never initiate contact unless it is an entity they have been

familiar with for many years, often for a lifetime. Others they will hear, at times respond to, but will not attempt to contact even though they are immediately present.

Ouija boards, pendulums and other tools of divination and contact with spirit entities may be seen as games and parlor tricks. A seance might be seen as a good way to entertain at a slumber party. No high-level sensitive or psychic, even a child who is aware of that very special gift, will participate lightly in such things, for none of these are games or simple fun. They not only work, they sometimes work all too well. Those who view them as games or diversions are either very brave or very foolish people.

At this point, it is necessary to give a substantial and substantive warning to

all new investigators of the paranormal. If a spirit entity is encountered, positively no attempt should be made to contact this entity unless it first attempts to contact you. At that point contact should be attempted by the most experienced member on an investigative team—preferably a psychic or one who is very sensitive and borders on being so—or by the group, on a second, subsequent visit. The reason for this is very simple, and obvious upon even a cursory examination.

Although as I said earlier, we do not change in our basic nature at the point of physical death we do in many other ways. There are all sorts of people—good, bad and indifferent. We can’t know on first encounter with an entity into which category that individual will fall. This is essential to understanding the nature of a contact. I will repeat: we definitely will not change character when we become a spirit entity. This is what makes encountering and communicating with some entitiesextremely dangerous. While truly evil individuals are, generally speaking, quite rare, they do exist. By the same token one should never, under any conditions, attempt to invoke, summon or call any spirit entity, particularly one at the site of a field investigation in which their actual nature is unknown and unknowable.

No Not all spirit entities are who they appear or profess to be. Since they are

energy, they can take on any physical form, and one of the many ways in which we do change at physical death is in gaining the ability to “read” other energy forms—a form of telepathy. Spirit entities can, but rarely do, manifest solidly enough or make the tremendous expenditure of energy necessary to use vocal communications. They can, and do, literally speak to our minds and they can and do read them to the extent that we will allow it.

So, a spirit entity who wishes to gain the confidence of any given person for any reason can, if they desire, present themselves to that person as some deceased friend or loved one or some figure who is known and respected by that person. Only close observation over time can determine the difference. If they are truly who they say, they can and will prove it in ways that will make the person they are contacting certain, and they will not insist that person open up and allow them “in” until they are certain.

The reason for these warnings such is vital to know. At the time of physical

death we become a being composed of pure energy. That being has the capability of manifesting and becoming solid; but it also has the capability of over-riding the neural system of a living person and inhabiting that person’s body, either for a short time (which does happen at times for the purpose of communications by an entity but is never to be invited) or for very long periods. This is called possession, and it is a very grim and real possibility for those who are naive enough to invite it or to accidentally stumble into it. For this reason a conscious effort must always be made to avoid any

uninitiated contact. They cannot enter without your permission. It is a physical impossibility. However, if that permission is given even accidentally there are entities who can and will take advantage of it.

I will state, however, that unlike in the movies, this is not always a particularly evil or malevolent act. Please note that I said “not always.” It can be. In some cases, a spirit entity sees an opportunity to live again in a symbiotic/parasitic relationship in the body of a possessed individual. This is not necessarily evil, but it is nevertheless bad and something that is to be avoided.

It is extremely difficult to be rid of a possessing spirit entity. It is not quite as bad as what Hollywood presents, but I assure you it is bad enough. So, with all this in mind…

Good hunting!