Hally’s Hints

What is Your Gift?

The phone rings and you guess who it is. You look outside and it looks as though it is about to rain. You wish silently to yourself that it would be great if it were sunny. Half an hour later the sun comes out, even though it hadn’t been forecast. There are so many things that happen every day and yet we dismiss it as being co-incidental. We do not stop to consider that perhaps there is something deeper and more intense happening. Perhaps these things only happen to others…

As children we take things at face value. Most of us can recall times where we saw a ghost or in the very least felt its presence and had things take place that as adults we dismiss all too easily. As humans we uniquely are in tuned to things that conflict with scientific fact and as it is, isn’t an exact science. We are brought up to live mechanistically within the boundaries of what has a logical explanation and if it doesn’t, then it doesn’t exist.

When was the last time you experienced one of your co-incidences once too often and began to wonder about what is really going on?

Perhaps it is within the path of paganism that we are a little more open to the not so main stream or perhaps we have been given the gift to be open to something greater than ourselves with the ability to appreciate it and experience it.

It isn’t unusual to turn on your television and see “sci-fi” series on witches, vampires, ghost whisperers and mediums. We know there is an element of truth to some of it and yet, as far as main stream society goes, that is it.

It is amusing to consider that Charmed actually had some fact to several seasons of some skimpy clad witches constantly fighting demons coming to destroy the world. Do you know what was true and what wasn’t? This brought Medium onto our screen which is based on a real person and even the details of her family reflect her real life. From there we watched the Ghost Whisperer which in fact had the input of a ghost medium to assist with the factual aspects to make it a little more authentic.

So, we see this. We know there is some truth to all of it. We practice paganism; for me it is my path, so can only assume something similar for everyone else and yet, after all that we so easily dismiss our “gifts” that silently develop as we continue our journey to enlightenment; to connecting with our higher self and becoming a conduit to the universe and its amazing energy.

What is your gift? Some call talent; some call it a skill; I call it a gift because having the ability to experience things outside of ourselves; outside of what we classify the norm is pretty amazing. Even today it is difficult to find others to discuss this with without them considering you slightly bizarre, eccentric, weird or even loopy.

In those rare occasions where you can it is like you have found a kindred spirit that can speak your language. Where nothing else matters because this one person can comprehend what it is to see, feel, know things greater than we could ever imagine.

The next time you know who is calling; the next time you know you changed the weather ask yourself – what is your gift?