It’s in the Cards

Dear Reader,

Welcome to ‘It’s In the Cards’ for www.PaganPages.org. At one time this column appeared in Finer Things Magazine in New Haven, CT, and I am very pleased to be writing my column again; this time for the Pagan Community.

Every month, I will do a tarot reading for one person whose question I choose for this column. Also, by writing me, you will have a chance for a free tarot 10 minute reading on the phone. If you would like to contact me about purchasing a reading, please visit my web site at www.SubRosaMagick.com or write me at [email protected]

Since I first began reading for the public 13 years ago, I found that I fell in love with being able to help people in their personal lives and on their path as a spiritual counselor. The cards, I have found, often tell us what we need to know, and not necessarily what we want to know. They provide a way for me to see deeper into the heart of an issue and often what magickal advice I also need to give to bring about change.

Even if you aren’t familiar with tarot cards as a form of divination, they also work in the same way other forms do, be it the Runes, I-Ching, oracles or Ogam. The symbols of the tarot speak on many levels, and allow a connection to be created with spirit; opening a doorway for the universe to communicate on a personal level. As an artist as well as a priestess, I acknowledge the power of these symbols, but as a psychic, I use them to “see” more clearly.

Mediumship isn’t something I intentionally practice, but sometimes I do receive messages from spirit or departed loved ones, and if I receive messages I will relay these to you as part of the reading.

This following is the question chosen for this month.

Dear Alicia,

Since I was a child I knew I would live overseas, I made that move last year to Ireland.  I have felt drawn here by something much more powerful than myself but anytime I try to delve into why, I get nothing.  I feel very grounded but I must say that life has intervened and I am much too busy (or think I am), but the feeling is so strong that I can’t imagine being anywhere else.

My question is: why do I have this feeling, like something magnificent is just around the corner?  I feel like I am just too close or am trying to hard to see it. Can you shine some light? My birthday 8/11/1961.
Thanks, Jax

Dear Jax,

One of the reasons why I ask for people’s birth date is so I can look into who they are, astrologically speaking, because it tells me much before I even begin the reading. I believe what part you may be feeling is a lot of untapped power within you. Your Sun is in Leo, Venus is in Cancer, Mars is in Virgo and Jupiter is in Libra. Combine this with the Chinese year of the Metal Ox and you have quite a heady mix. Moving to Ireland doesn’t surprise me, because with Venus in Cancer, your home needs to be where your heart is. Mars in Virgo might as well be a spear that hits its mark more often than it misses. Your power flows your connection with others in an uncanny way, something similar to second sight – a way of perceiving energies instead. You do in fact, literally, create your own luck. So for this reading, I will be using a horseshoe spread. The layout is seven cards in the shape of a horseshoe from the top of the deck, with one card drawn from the bottom to show what is ‘hidden from you.’

The first card is the Five of Cups, representing the past. Fives are cards of instability, speaking from a time when there was a large disappointment, but as I am sure you now know, there was something still left behind that you could take forward. It was not, nor is it now, irresolvable, and more remains to be discovered. This situation is behind you now, yet it would not be present in this reading if it was not relevant to the current situation.

The second card is Strength (8) connecting to the present, signifying your spiritual strength and determined resolve. This is the Leo in you, the powerful lion whose strength lies in quiet tenacity. It also signifies you unshakable optimism, that you will prevail even despite previous disappointments, such as in the situation the Five of Cups (previous) represents.

The third card is the Nine of Wands, your hidden influences which suggest that your intuition is dead on; something indeed is about to manifest. Success is very near, and it is your determination and self reliance which brought you here. Whatever losses you have suffered in the past have only made you stronger.

The fourth card is the The World (21) Inversed, and it is your obstacle. In this deck it is called the Universe, and so it takes on even a deeper meaning. With your constant striving you may have overlooked something very important – and that is looking inside. Your philosopher’s stone awaits if you can get past the boundaries within yourself. I believe your move has awakened you in ways you don’t currently understand on a conscious level.

The fifth card is Justice (11) Inversed, it represents the environment you are in, and the people surrounding you. When Justice is inversed, it becomes judgment and criticism. Bluntly, tell the nay Sayers to get out of your way. Don’t let them hold you back.

The sixth card is the Seven of Cups Inversed, the recommended action to take. The advice here is stern; do not rest on your laurels or rely on previous victories to find that which you seek. Remain action, open and aware to new possibilities, but do not become lost in the ‘what ifs.’ The seven cups are all filled with your hopes and dreams, but all reflect a different path you could take. Pick one.

The seventh car is the Nine of Pentacles, the final result should you take this advice to heart. This card depicts a gentlewoman in her garden, surrounded by abundance. There is a wealth of richness to be found in the wisdom of the Earth, something I feel the World/Universe card was trying to get at. When you look within rather than without, your connection with the Universe will reveal itself, and with it, the secret only you will know.

The eighth card drawn from the bottom of the deck is the King of Cups. I feel this is not a person in your life, but instead is reflecting who you are becoming. This may very well be the quickening you feel. Your gifts may very well be coming to the surface in many other ways. I do feel that you did cross through a dark night of the soul, and have worked your way through to the other side, which is The Mysteries. With it comes a strength of will to create and manifest real change as your life will soon bear its fruit, which you have worked so hard for. But keep working, The Gods aren’t done with you yet. The tree is still growing, and life is about the journey rather than a destination.

The light you asked me to show you is yourself, so shine on!

Blessed be!
Rev. Alicia Lyon Folberth


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