January 2009 Monthly Tarot Card Reading by Lady M

You are in need of money and time.  You are looking around for ways to get more money.  You are trying to see if there is any options open to you that you have not already tried or tapped out.  It is not a matter of not wanting to work for money, you are quite willing to do that, but more that you don’t have the time to work more then you already are and still have a life.  At this point in time you are willing to do what you need to so that you can get the money you need to survive.

Right now you are unable to see solutions even when they are right in front of you.  There is a lack of vision and blocked sexual energy.  In other words you are dealing with to much and have become overwhelmed and just cannot seem to deal with things or at least see things clearly.  Everything just keeps pilling up on you and you don’t have a clue where to start or even how to start to fix things.

Card #3, NEAR FUTURE: TWO OF CUPS: You need change; you are stressed out as it is.  You are about to enter a new relationship or a new phase in an existing relationship.  This is partly caused by the stress you are under and the need you have for emotional and financial support.  The relationships you are in, be they romantic or friendships are all going to be affected by your needs.  You will rely more on the people in your life just to get through the days to come.  The good things is that emotionally you are covered, you have great people who are willing and able to be there for you and fulfill your emotional needs.  You are a good friend to them as well, understanding and supportive.

Card #4, TYING IN CARDS 1 AND 2: KNIGHT OF COINS: This card is all about a man who wants to develop the work side of his life.  That is one solution, a better job for yourself or someone in your life.  What I see though is a young male who is willing to be supportive, and although they feel protective they are not controlling about it.  It is more of a caring and supportive relationship.  I see him caring for his young, that’s what is important to him.  This could be you or someone in your life.  What I am seeing the strongest is the need to be able to protect and care for, both financially and emotionally for his child.

Unfortunately this month is going to be anything but a celebration.  It is going to be emotionally draining.  This is being caused because you are so overwhelmed with everything and you are just not thinking straight.

The good thing is that you are going to figure things out, and will start doing instead of thinking about it.  You will be leading others by example, in that your solution is going to inspire them to keep on trying and to find a way out of their financial and emotional problems.

January is not going to be a fun time for you.  There is going to be a lot of demands on you both financially and emotionally.  You will be stressed for time and money.  You are going to find that this affects your emotional relationships for good and bad.  It is going to take everything you have within yourself to find a solution.  The good part though is that you will find a way through hard work, and it will help guild others to their solutions.