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Kiva’s cd “Out of the Corner of the Eye” is their ninth recording since the bands birth in 1990.  The cd is a collaboration of songs based on fey folk and the world they dwell in.    The band, with talented guest and a specialized set of instruments (cello, guitar, flutes, didgeridoo, violin, bass, and mandolin) recreated a world many of us wondered about and wish we were actually living in.  With each song and story being told you can feel yourself being swept into the story as if Alice in Wonderland.

While listening to the music and lyrics I am easily reminded of being back in the Renaissance perhaps of being part of a midnight summer eve.  The title track “Out of the Corner of the Eye” is a story told by a fey.  How they move throughout our life only letting us seeing them through the corner of our eyes. Making us wonder if we are sane are they real?  The song “In Praise of Winter” by Ariana Lightningstorm is one of my favorites as this will be my first winter in years.  I just moved to Colorado and I find this song a fun, look at winter coming along.  Way too many people look at snow and winter as sad instead of cleansing and beautiful.   The wind instruments throughout this cd are awesome and the musicians that play them are to be commended for their talent.

“Fairie Glen,” fairies playing in a field, that is the first thing that will come to your mind when you this song.  “Rise up the Call,” is one song on the cd to stop and make you think about your relationships and maybe think twice about appreciation.  “The Coming and Going of the Fey<” a whimsical little tune of the parading fey going on through out their day, their merry merry day.

On a personal note, I have a fey garden and a fey village in my home.  While listening to this cd, twice, I noticed that my fey had gathered in my living room around me.  Some by my wine glass, some dancing to the music but mostly just enjoying the tunes.  It had been quite a while since I had seen them as I think I had ruffle them since moving from Texas to Colorado.  I love the beat, the rhythms, the collaborations, and the theme of the music and also thank KIVA for bringing my fey back.  This is a great delightful cd with a very talented band from Washington DC.  Be sure to check them out here is their website to see where they are performing.

KIVA Band Members

Ariana Lightningstorm – Band Leader, Lead Vocals, Percussion, Songwriter, Manager
Diana Sunday – Vocals, Guitar, Percussion, Drums
David Landis – Native American Flutes, Whistles, Drums, Vocals
Diana McFadden – Cello, Mandolin, Guitar
Jim Brewster – Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Banjo, Drums, Flute, Whistles, VOcals
Tim Sauerwein – Didgeridoo, Percussion, Vocals
Tigre Cruz – Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Amikaeyla Gaston – Vocals, Drums, Percussion, Songwriter
Eve Jones – Drums, Percussion, Silver Flute
Jaqui MacMillan – Drums

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