Animal Wisdom

Connecting With The Heart Of Your Familiar

One of the many things that we as witches strive for is to recognize the interconnectedness of everything. We look to the Goddess and God to show us the way. I am a hereditary psychic medium, animal communicator and have seen energy since I was thirteen. But even with these gifts, it took me a long while to discover the key to blending my energy with that of my familiar.  Animals are one of the best ways to connect with Divine energy for they are closest to Earth. They react instinctively and intuitively, their psychic connection is powerful and they are not guarded when it comes to sharing their wisdom. It is merely finding the way to listen and understand.

Each animal has their own purpose, just as we do. Some are meant to be protectors, others to be guides or healers. Familiars are meant to be all of these things. Did you ever notice when you are not feeling well your furry friend will lay right where the pain or discomfort lies, when you cast the ritual circle they have a need to be just outside or inside, that when something isn’t meant to be on the altar they knock it off?

These wonderful and gifted creatures deserve the utmost respect, the same that you would give anyone else in your circle. They are teacher, friend, and family. A simple way to connect with their loving spirit is to sit or lay with them, hold them if you can.  If you cannot hold them then just place a hand on them. Close your eyes, and match their breathing. Visualize their energy do not give it a color that will come on it’s own, see your energies blending with theirs. Your heartbeats matching in time, breathing with them. You may notice that your familiar will become very still as you do this. That means they are accepting you completely as a part of them. If they move away do not fret it just means that at this moment they are either to agitated or that you are not yet ready for the experience and knowledge they have to share. It is not a rejection. Also be aware that if you are in a heightened state or your energy is not completely calm the animal may react to this. So center yourself then try again.

I have a familiar, she is a beautiful tabby named Stevie I have worked with her for years. When I do energy cleansings or healings on clients she is right there jumping up on the massage table showing me where there are issues. Thought speak is the easiest way for these wonderful animals to get their messages across. A part of recognizing the interconnectedness of us all is opening ourselves to the wisdom of others. A way to do this with your familiar would be through mental pictures. A type of telepathic sending and receiving. Visualize in your mind something you would like for them to do, like look at you. Imagine that message being sent through the air to the point between their eyes. See what happens. This may not be something that works right away, but needs time and patience to develop. Animals don’t always recognize right away that someone is speaking to them. Especially if they have lived on their own with no other animal interaction. Their conversational skills could be a little bit behind. So like I said you must be patient. For others who have already developed a strong bond you may be doing this unconsciously already. Be aware.

The most important thing you can do to connect with your familiar is spend time with them, many of the animals that I speak with on a daily basis complain that their humans do not spend enough time giving them attention or playing with them. These animals want to help us on our journey, bring life, friendship, and understanding to our path. Be open.