Crystal Clear

Learning From Stones

Just as humans were created with thinking minds, feelings, likes and dislikes, so did Mother Earth create stones.  Stones from the high grade ruby in your ring to the common ‘rock’ under your foot as you go for a walk, is a child of the earth.  Each has survived on this earth for thousands of years or more!  Each  has  a lesson to teach.  The trick is learning to hear and perceive these lessons from our earth elders.  Once this is achieved, the knowledge to be gained is boundless!

For example, garnet can teach how to keep the body’s aura strong which serves to protect from illness as all illness begins in the aura.  Green aventurine teaches our hearts the way of joy so that once we’ve learned how it works,  we’re always able to be happy any time we like.  Rose quartz can teach us of all the many and complex layers of love so that we may always be filled with it.  Those are just a few examples.  Each stone listed above can teach us these things and so much more!

There are numerous books written on the subject of the metaphysical properties of stones.  Many of those speak of stones as objects rather than living beings which were born and have grown in the earth.  Working with a stone as an object only limits the success that shall be reached with that stone.  Working with it  as another living being, and one who is much older and wiser than any human, opens the learning experience immensely.  It frees the mind of the student to hear more than he or she may expect.

There are several ways to communicate with a stone.  Meditation is a wonderful way to begin as it is done from a calm quiet place where all outside distractions are cleared away.  Meditating with a stone isn’t only for beginning to know a stone,  however.  it is quite useful to take a stone friend into meditation with you at all  times for messages and lessons.  To communicate with a  stone during meditation, try the following exercise.

Lie down and become comfortable.  Place the stone on your forehead.  If it is too big, lay it  just above you on the floor or a pillow, allowing some part of it to rest against the crown of your head.  This closeness with the head is so you may better receive the messages from the stone into your mind.  Relax  and deep breathe, taking yourself deep into a meditative state.  Then think of the stone you’ve taken into this peaceful journey with you.  Feel it against your head.  Just reflect quietly for a time on its energy before even trying to speak with it.  Can you feel it  doing anything?

Many times a person understands a stone’s actions or lessons in the way the stone is making him or her feel.  If, for example, if a person is meditating with or wearing a green  aventurine, and that person begins to feel quite happy, they’ve just learned a lesson.  Green aventurine is a very joyful stone, and it is teaching that person to feel joy.

If during meditation the stone is doing something, merely reflect on that.  Make a note of the activity as a lesson the stone is teaching.  There is no need to rush through the process, for the language of stones is very different from our words.  It is a mental language of feelings and concepts.  As the human mind isn’t used to speaking in this way, it requires some time to process and understand what the stone has taught.   Because of this, the information may not be fully understood until days later. That is perfectly fine.

After reflecting on  the stone’s energy for a time, open the conversation if you are ready.  Ask the stone what it does.   What are its talents and strong points?  What lessons is it willing to teach you?  Does it feel you need to learn any specific thing first over another?  If so, what is it?

Again give each question’s answer some time to sink into your mind.  Only move on to the next question when you are ready.  There is no specific time for when any of this should be completed.  It could be done  in one meditation or it could  take weeks.  Each person is as different as each stone, and we all move at our own pace.  You’ll find that some stones are faster than others, some more saucy, and some more calm.  Each stone  has its own personality, and getting to know it is a wonderful rewarding experience.

After you’ve  meditated with your stone at least once, you’ve at least begun the introduction process to becoming friends.  Carrying the stone with you everywhere for at least a week is a sure way to continue the process at a good steady pace.  Stone jewelry is convenient, as it is very easy to keep on the body at all times.  There are also bags for wearing about the neck for those stones too large to wear or for those people not interested in jewelry.  Pockets do fine as well.  Holding a stone in the hand while working or watching evening T.V. keeps the closeness going and allows person and stone to get even more in tune with each other’s energy.

While spending time with your stone, keep track of how holding it or having it on your person makes you feel.  For just as in meditation, this is the stone’s way of teaching and relaying messages.  If you’re looking for a particular lesson, and aren’t sure which stone can best teach it, a reference book  can never hurt if used properly.  For example, if you’d like to study the art of healing your own body from one of Mother Earth’s children, it is acceptable to research the metaphysical properties of healing stones.  However, don’t believe everything you read for it may not work the same for each individual.  Don’t assume the stone will have the same lesson for you that it did for the writer of the  book or article.  Instead, get the stone for yourself, and meditate with it.  Ask it if it will teach you what you wish to know.  If not, it surely has another lesson for you, so there was no loss.

The magic and knowledge in Mother Earth’s ancient children is far too vast to be covered in a mere article, or even a book.  There are so many different stones in the world, it would be next to impossible to speak of all of them in depth as they deserve.  There is also the fact that each person may have a different experience.  Many times a stone has some of the same lessons for everyone, but it is always best to check for yourself.  May your friendships with these earth elders be rewarding, and your lessons come just when they’re needed.
As always, happy stoning!