Faeries, Elves, and Other Kin

Faery Spells and Verse


Tatiana Queen of the Faeries Artist: Howard David Johnson Copyright 1993-2008


In Forest pines, and Oak tree hollows

Amidst the acorns and the leaves

Blossoms adorn her crown

Gossamer threads form her regal attire

Illuminating the air with a majestic glow

Tatiana our Queen fill our hearts with ethereal delight

~ Michele Burke (2009)

Faerie Magick

Fairies and Pixies, elves and gnomes.

Spinning some magic, spells for our homes.

Their wishes are happy, of joys to share.

Join in their revelry, if only you dare.

Carefree of spirit, their happiness impart

Sending you Magick, to store in your heart.

~ Unknown

Faery Spells

Fairy Summoning Spell

The best times to do this is on the Sabbats of Beltane, Midsummer, or Halloween, but you can use it anytime you would like. (best done outside in the yard at night)

~You will need powdered ginger and a small spoon. Set out candles at the compass directions: yellow in the east, red in the south, blue in the west, green in the north. Place a crystal or other stone beside each candle. Stand in the center of the room and send out thoughts of welcome to the little ones.

~Chant: “O spirits of plants and earth and trees, o little ones of every form, show yourselves to me, I ask. From me shall come no harm. Join me in friendship and in love.”

“Rejoice with me in this magick old, for together with the ancient gods we can re-create all things in gold. Guardian spirits, watchers fair, our lives are joined. All things we share.”

~ Go to the east. Light the candle. Sprinkle a little ginger by the candle, and say: “All you Nature spirits and faeries, Hear my call. Enter this magick circle. Welcome All.”

~ Go to the south. Light the candle. Sprinkle ginger, and say: ” All you little ones of the sunbeams, Hear my call. Enter this magick circle. Welcome All.”

~ Go to the west. Light the candle. Sprinkle ginger, and say: “All you nymphs and water sprites, Hear my call. Enter this magick circle. Welcome All.”

~ Finish by going to the north. Light the candle. Sprinkle ginger and say: ” All you little ones of the moonbeams, Hear my call. Enter this magick circle. Welcome All.”

*Sit quietly for a time, thinking about the little ones, be aware of their feather light touches your body. Listen for their musical voices in your mind. Talk to them if you wish. When communication is finished, stand in the center of the circle. Raise your arms high, saying: ” All thanks and blessings be, To those of air, earth, sky, and sea.”

*Blow out the candles starting in the south and go counter clock-wise.

~ Anon

In Closing

May the Fae be with you and their blessings always be upon you. And remember that if you keep your mind and your eyes open and your heart pure and one day you too may see the Fae. After all they are all around us.

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