February 2009 Monthly Tarot Card Reading by Lady M

Card #1, RECENT PAST: SIX OF SWORDS: You are moving on from a negative situation.  You realised that there was only one path to follow so that you and others would not be harmed.  This is the best option even though you feel that you don’t have real choice.

Card #2, CURRENT: EIGHT OF COINS: You are doing what you need to do.  You are showing your abilities and are able to do your craft.  However you feel that others are trying to hold you back.  They have their own agenda, needs and wants and they expect you to stop doing what you need to do to attend to them.  They want your time and your money to be committed to them and their wants and needs, not yours.  You need to stay focused on the right path for you, not them.

Card #3, NEAR FUTURE: THE CHARIOT: You are caring and tend to nurture others, you tend to sacrifice your time end energy on getting others to where they need or want to.  You need to concentrate on your objectives, don’t get sidetracked.  It is going to be difficult because you will be fighting your own nature.  This is what you need to do for you, you cannot keep living through other people’s accomplishments; you need to put the time and energy into yourself.  Don’t let people drag you down the path they want to go, keep control and steer yourself down the path you know you need to go.
Card #4, TYING IN CARDS 1 AND 2: KING OF COINS: This card talks about a man at the top of his trade or profession.  This is your solution out of a difficult, negative situation: to become the best at what you love to do.  The money or title is not what is important but that you get to do what you love and be successful at it.  This is what you are working toward.  Other people want you to go where the money is, but that is not what you need to do.

Card #5, TYING IN CARDS 2 AND 3: SIX OF CUPS: This card is about learning about living in harmony with those around you.  Basically you know what you need to do for yourself.  You need to still deal with others in your life.  This is a change for them, you worrying about yourself and your needs and doing something about it instead of always being there for them.  It is hard for them to accept you putting yourself first, and they are trying to deal with it.  It is not going to be easy on you, they are going to push it and constantly try to get you to go back to the old you, the one that gave up everything for others.  You need to find a way to keep the harmony without sacrificing your needs for theirs.  It is going to take some real tuff love on your part to keep saying NO, but it is what you need to do for yourself and for them.  They are never going to be able to deal with things if you keep doing for them, and taking care of them and not yourself.  They also have to see that you value yourself so they can learn to value you and themselves.

Card #6, FINAL CARD: SEVEN OF WANDS: You need to deal with things now, not later. Cut down your problems one by one.  Don’t let them build up, and thereby overwhelm you.  Problems are not going to go away just because you want them to; you need to deal with it.  People have been using you for some time now, and you let them.  That has to change.  You have valued others needs and wants before your own.  That has to change.  You have taught people how to treat you, now you have to teach them a new way to treat you, with more respect and value.  Don’t avoid dealing with things to avoid conflict.  The longer you let things go the more conflict there will be, nip this in the bud now.  People are not going to change how they treat you until you make them, and that is the first “problem” you need to deal with.

February is going to be a time of struggle and change for you and those in your life.  You are changing how you expect people to treat you, and how you treat yourself.  That is going to take a lot of work and commitment.  Talk about tough love.  You need to have tough love for those in your life, but more importantly for yourself.  Stop trying to fulfill your emotional and other needs by helping others reach theirs.  This has not been working for you.  You have been in a negative place in your life and you know this is what you have to do to get out of it.  You need to use your abilities and talent for yourself, not everyone else.  Don’t let people use you and sidetrack you from what you need to be doing for yourself.  You will need to find some type of harmony as you make these changes by dealing with issues and problems right away, not avoiding them.  Put yourself first, your needs and goals and expect others to do the same for themselves.  It is not your responsibility to do it for them, but it is for you to do it for yourself.