Hally’s Hints


People are everywhere, walking in one direction and then another. They are tall; they are short; they are with their friends or with their families chatting amongst themselves oblivious of all that is around them, happily walking up and down framed aisles in a make-shift shed. The air is full of pungent, fresh and different aromas; mixing together to create smells of good and bad; like and dis-like. The sounds are vibrant and never-ending; aisle after aisle the sounds echo from the concrete ground seeming to become louder and louder to a point where the sound, the smell, the bumping of strangers all becomes too much.

For some this can take a number of hours; for others this takes a number of minutes and then for those that it takes even seconds. It is the overwhelming sensation of the need to get out; escape the organised turmoil of this bizarre and somewhat energetically wrong place. Perhaps it is having so many people crammed into such a small space; perhaps it is the location and then there is also the possibility that these people and their energies do not serve you.

Whatever the explanation this seems completely irrelevant at the time. The core focus is to go to a place that is calm and safe; usually home.

How many of us notice when the overwhelm starts to slowly creep up on us? Do you notice the increasing irritation of each person that bumps into you; the negative attitude towards potential purchases and the inability to take a deep breath?

Most of us put it down to having an off day. It gets swept under the carpet as co-incidental or even that we had a late night which is causing our impatience. All of these merely help to emphasize that feeling overwhelmed in the market place is very normal. It is the mix of energies and to those of us that are a little more in-tuned to emotions and energies; a place that we really want to avoid.

Start to notice where it is that you feel comfortable and where it is that for some reason it grates you to go. Perhaps even creates this feeling in the pit of your stomach that something isn’t quite right that up until now you have put in the “it’s all me” basket, when really you are being in-tuned to energies that are draining, zapping and simply not good for you.

As the saying goes ‘too much of anything isn’t good for you’ so imagine what hundreds and even thousands of energies can do to you. Consider the riots at soccer games which are caused through mass chaos from a huge aggressive crowd. How many of these people alone are usually rather calm?

Equally there are places that you are drawn to because they “feel” great. Did you ever wonder why?

Listen within to your own intuition and your natural ability to feel beyond what you think. In the world of feeling, thinking doesn’t even scratch the surface…

The next time you consider going to the market place, ask yourself if it is something that will give you a buzz of happiness or bring you running home screaming for some calm.