Review Dancing the Goddess Incarnate by Kristin Madden & Dorothy Morrison

Dancing the Goddess Incarnate

Authors Kristin Madden, and Dorothy Morrison


ISBN  0738706361   $14.95

I have read several books with regard to the Maiden, Mother and the Crone and all gracious in their right.  But “Dancing the Goddess Incarnate” is one book I truly believe every Goddess out there should have in her collection.  While I am well versed on Goddesses I am far perfect on all Goddesses and I will admit there are times I am not so forth coming on being myself and I stay very reserved being an adult.  After the first chapter getting to know Tatiana, I am no longer shy, quiet, withdrawn and I DANCE!!!!!!

Dancing the Goddess Incarnate is all about waking you up again reminding you what life is really about and not to be afraid of it.  You’re not getting old and boring; there’s no need to be put on the shelf.   Read this book and do the homework, the spells and the dances and put the spring back in your life.  No matter how old you are you will laugh, giggle, remember your childhood, have fun and you will DANCE like there is no tomorrow.

There are 9 Goddesses in this book that take you on the journey of your life and I can say that I sincerely hope that Kristen and Dorothy put their heads together soon and write a second book so I can take a second ride soon.  I laughed, cried, remembered good times, acted like a child, and I danced like I use to when I was young as a child, teenager, young adult and yes-party drunk.  I have never felt so good about myself as when I did after reading this book.  Take the time to get know these Goddesses and dance with them.    I for one can say that I never thought I would be a Hecate fan but she grabbed me and hugged me and is now carrying me through my times and we are great friends dancing through my days.   I will be forever grateful to Cerridwen for her dance of Magic.  It has enhanced mine so much.  This is definitely another book on my 10 lists for the beginning of the year for 2009.  Make it one of your must-reads!   You will be amazed by the joy you receive from it.