Review of The Book of Shamanic Healing by Kristin Madden

The Book of Shamanic Healing

Author Kristin Madden


ISBN 073870214  264 pgs,    $14.85 RETAIL

This is the first book I have found that gives the shaman healer all he/she needs in their toolkit to be the best they need to be. Shamanism is an all-encompassing lifestyle of deep self-knowledge and powerful healing. In this book, a modern shaman gives the practitioner concrete advice and ideas on several aspects of shamanic healing. You will learn to prepare yourself for healing work, communicate with spirit guides, free your voice and seek your power song, safely explore your shadow side, partner with your drum to create healing, and heal yourself and others. The author also covers practical ethical matters such as taking payment and working with friends.  I personally while reading the book went through a personal drama and if I had not had this book in hand studying it, do not believe I would have weathered the storm as well as I did.  Learning the healing work and developing my shamanic abilities along with the ability to communicate better with my guides gave me the advantage of overcoming my grief and dark times and heal that much faster.  I have always been a believer that people, items and things happen in your life for a reason.  I had put off reading this particular book for some time and started reading it once I had relocated to FT Carson, CO and once I moved it was the perfect time.  Learning the lessons written here within the in-depth discussions of the theories, practices and ethics of the shamanic healing works gave me the strength needed to over come my adversities and continue on the path that is meant for me to follow here in Colorado.    Learn how free your voice and seek your power song, explore your shadow side; connect to the healing universe and live in balance.    Find the disciplined you!!

For those of you looking for a new book to start the New Year off with this is definitely one that should be on the top ten of your list.  I give it 5 stars.