Shadows from the Past

Hello, welcome and Merry Meet dear readers! My name is Nicholas, and I have been honored with the privilege of writing for PaganPages. My topic is Witchcraft History and Morals. It is my hope that you, my dear readers, will find enjoyment and enlightenment within my work..

As this is my first piece, I would like to tell you all a little about myself. I am currently in the second decade of my life on this plane. I am currently working towards my Bachelor’s degree in History. I have also accomplished much self-study on paganism, magick and the occult. I have been a pagan almost as long as I can remember, have always had a strong connection to nature. About the time I turned 18, I encounter the Wiccan religion. The Wiccan path was my gateway to the greater pagan world. Even though I no longer consider myself Wiccan, I am still pagan and have studied a wide range of material. A little over a year ago, some like minded friends and I put together a coven known as the Black Mist Order. I have been teaching and training new pagans ever since.

As this is an introduction, I wish to present some topics I will cover in the near future.

– Witchcraft has existed in nearly every culture throughout the mists of time and history. As long as witchcraft has existed, it has been tied almost inseparably to magic. We will examine the nature of witchcraft, and how it has been pictured, past and present.

– Myths, Legends and Folklore are an essential part of any culture, and the culture of the witches is no different. I shall take you through the stories and legends that define our beliefs and ideals. Common witchy myths will be examined in depth to help teach lessons. I shall also examine what makes a good myth, and what doesn’t. Are myths true or are they false?

– How did ancient cultures influence modern witches and Wiccans? For this topic we will discuss certain beliefs, practices and ideals of modern witches and study how these pieces have been influenced by our ancient past.

– Morality, such a wide topic in itself. This topic will cover common ethical beliefs of the witchcraft community. Sources for ethics and morals will include the Wiccan Rede, the Threefold law, and Karma in all its various forms. How do we determine what is right and what is wrong? What separates a good witch from a bad one? How do our actions influence others? All of these questions are in the realm of morals and ethics.

Blessed be dear readers, and I hope you will enjoy our adventure together. Let us have an enjoyable journey together.