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Paper Mache Bowls!!


OK!  Keeping in line with Recycling!!  Still gots tons of Tissue paper right?  And with Valentines Day gone, I’m sure your left with plenty of red and white. No worries!  Lets find a better use for that stuff other than cluttering up a landfill!

Things you need:

1. Cheap Plastic Bowl ( I found a set of two at the dollar tree)
2. Modge Podge (you can use any paper Mache glue formula, but for what I did, Modge Podge worked best.
3. Tissue Paper (any color), best if cut into small strips or squares
4. Scissors (Kids get help with an Adult!)


This isn’t a hard Craft, but it is a time consuming one!!

1. you have your nice plastic Bowl. I haven’t tried it yet, but try using a THIN layer of cooking oil on the inside…just to help peel out the tissue paper later.  Now then in sections paint the Modge Podge (MP) on the inside of the bowl and stick tissue paper squares down. Make about two to three layers all around the inside of the bowl and let it Dry. This takes a few hours.
2. Ok kind of tricky but peal the paper mache bowl from the inside. This was tricky even for me!! Just takes some wiggling. But if you used oil, it might not be too bad. Once you’ve peeled it free, turn the bowl bottom up and place your paper mache mold over it!  Then start gluing more Tissue paper  around it and on the bottom!!  I have around 25 layers total on my Bowl, give or take.

3. from here it’s up to you, decorate it with glitter and more. I don’t suggest using a Dip in this unless you have a bowl to Fit inside it!  But hard candy, or wrapped candy will work. If yours is sturdy enough something a bit heavier like crayons.  Use the scissors to trim the lip of your Bowl, or make fancy designs around it.   Either way!  ENJOY!!

Please feel free to leave feedback or e-mail me with your pictures of your projects to [email protected]