Crystal Clear

Spring Cleaning

During this time of year, the winds are picking up, Marching us along to a more brisk beat as they blow us to and fro.  These winds symbolize more for us than new bothersome allergies and messed up hair.  They are the winds of change, making room for new things to grow into our lives.

New plants are beginning to push their way up through the soil, and new thoughts, people and opportunities are likewise trying to grow their way into our lives.  If we cling to old habits for comfort, we are not making room for new and better  opportunities to come into our realm.  Though an old shoe is  predictable and familiar, it is also not as comfortable as a new and more improved shoe can be.  Also the new shoe may allow us to walk faster down our life path.  As long as we keep such analogies in mind, all  the changes this time of year presents will happen much more smoothly.

A very suitable stone friend for helping in such times of change is Snowflake Obsidian.  This stone is the normal black of obsidian with white flecks in it, thus the name snowflake.  It is often called the stone of change, and helps us to emotionally and mentally adapt to changes.  In this, we see that the change is necessary and likely better for us though it may not seem so right away as we’re being dragged out of our comfort zone by the change that is presented.

Snowflake obsidian teaches us that in an old comfort zone we do not have room to grow.  Snowflakes and opportunities are  both fleeting, and must be tasted while they’re falling toward us, before they melt away.  The gentle grounding of this wonderful stone keeps us centered so that we may think clearly as each change comes with important choices.  If we’re too scattered and ungrounded, any choice can be unclear.  Snowflake obsidian, worn as  jewelry or carried in a pocket and held often, is a wonderful companion when riding the March winds of change.  May your emotional and physical spring cleaning bear much fruit of new opportunity.  As Always Happy Stoning!