Hally’s Hints

It’s Personal…Psychic Attacks

We have all heard about it; we have probably experienced it at least once in our lives and yet, we somehow forget about it until it happens again – I am talking about Psychic Attacks.

I am sure this has been covered here a couple of times and for me, obviously not enough. I had often thought of psychic attacks as something that was done by a stranger; perhaps someone that was jealous or on a path of negativity for one reason or another but until recently I had never in my wildest dreams considered that it could come from someone I was very close to. It is devastating to realise the manipulation and extent to which this person had gone to, to control my life the way they believed, right down to the decisions I made to sabotaging friendships and business opportunities.

As a pagan, we all know one of the most important guidelines – to never compromise the free will of another. This is something I take very seriously and practice in all that I do. So you can imagine my absolute shock to become aware of this. It is one thing to consider continuous misfortune as a co-incidence; it is another to realise that it is being done by someone I had trusted and loved because they believed they have the right to. Frankly, no one has that right, because this form of psychic attack, in no better terms, is playing ‘god’, which is wrong on so many levels.

The first thing to know is that it can happen to anyone by anyone. Be aware of who you are in your thoughts and be aligned with your core values. Never underestimate the purpose of someone’s intentions. Just because your intentions may come from your heart with pure and loving thought doesn’t mean that it is the same for them. Be aware because you will know somewhere within when something isn’t right.

Be mindful of what to do when it happens. The burning of white sage; taking a bath in Epsom salts; closing your psychic gate behind your head (located at C4 of your vertebrae), be positive and if in doubt, seek the assistance of a healer. Never take these attacks lightly or something that will just go away. Having to witness a friend being sick and having arguments with her partner because she was helping me is difficult to take, particularly when it was happening to me at the same time.

Keep those that are likeminded close to provide you with the extra support and strength as well as the re-assurance in knowing that remaining true to yourself is the key to staying out of the darkness.

We all have incredible strength within us. We all have amazing awareness and the ability to stand true in our own white light.

We all deserve the life we were born to live and reminding yourself that the universe is there supporting you is one powerful step forward.

Today is the first day of my life that my thoughts are my own; that my desires are my own and my home is free of an energy that isn’t my own. It is liberating, empowering and I can finally see that the light that shines within that has struggled to come out all of these years finally has the opportunity to live as it always was meant – true to me.