On this journey

Into the mists of the forest, I shall wander.

I shall find within the canopy that which shelters me.

The sunlight brings warmth but the moon is my guide.

On this journey comes the voice of the Goddess.

It is her voice I listen to and my own I follow.

The stirs of spring remind me of my youth and lessons learned.

On this journey

The wisdom that fell at my feet

In reds and yellows of winter

Are still held within my heart.

Each year I grow.

Each year I see the Crone.

Her whispers growing.

As the sunlight disappears the moon in her brightness once again

Lights the night with her gentle glow. Ancient trees reach for the

Stars still rooted to the Earth. I wander still. In the forests I

Feel ancient as the trees and the stars. The stories they share in

The mist becomes my own. Shadows play and dance in the wind.

It is time once again to take flight.

To follow the stars

Through the branches down to the roots.

The journey lies within.

Somewhere inside

Voices are stirring.

Change is near.

I listen.

I am ready.