In all of the places gray

Glimmer Man carried his secret

that there is death in life

and life in death.

A dancer of veils followed his footsteps.

A man with a drum arrived at dusk

setting fire to the circle of souls.

Lovers embraced transforming memory.

Out of their kisses

grew gardens of Spanish lavender.

Angels returned to orchards.  Yes angels.

The old were enchanted and young again.

Because of this Earth magic

withered faces of misery

hid forever in the leaves of history.

Play of children blew dust and ashes away.

In all of the places gray

a fairy tale was brought to life.

Beauty of the young mother

with eyes of brown-fire shone

beneath the circling winds of heaven.

Night of stars!

Deserts of the world of hurt and hunger

rolled and rippled

as if ocean into waves of flowers.

Heather for your heartache.

Rose and lily for the dead

who will return to walk the Earth again.

St. Patrick’s Day
17 March 2009