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“9 Life Altering Lessons”, by Kala Ambrose, Kala’s inspirational genius leads the reader on an expedition throughout the ages revealing the secrets therein. Secrets that when practiced can lead not only the seasoned student but those just beginning to search for answers to life’s mysterious lessons.

~ Michele Burke, Pagan Pages.org

Pagan Pages: What were the driving forces that led you to write the 9 Life Altering Lessons?
Kala Ambrose: It was a very natural extension of myself to write 9 Lessons, though I also had a great amount of urging from both students from my mystery school here on the earth plane, as well as my guides and muses from the other planes.  There was a sense that the time has come, for mystery schools to come forward again and return to the place they once held, as a temple of light, learning, healing and magic. We’re evolving again as a species and each time the light circles back around for a renewed period of growth, mystery schools come forth again to teach as they say, to those who heed the call and who have the eyes in which to see and the ears to hear.  Mystery schools are always here in one form or another on the earth plane, sometimes more in the public eye than in other times.
PP: From which mystery school do you draw your knowledge?
KA: My knowledge comes from several mystery schools from Egypt, Greece, India and Sumeria, as well as a lifetime of study of comparative religion and ancient myths. As a child, I spent every moment I could in the library, reading and engaging in discussions with anyone who would listen to me there, about what was written incorrectly in the mythologies. I came back with intuitive ability as well as many memories from former lifetimes. I was very fortunate to have many family members who were both supportive and understanding of these abilities. My mother was a wonderful force for me in this way, allowing me to study the Tarot at the age of 13 as well as astrology and other ancient arts. I had a desire to attend as many different types of churches as I could experience and she allowed me to follow this feeling, rather than forcing me to only attend the church our family attended.

I’ve lived around the country, from Louisiana, Texas, Alaska, Hawaii, California, Washington, Florida and other beautiful and sacred spaces. This allowed me to meet and attend a wide variety of temples, churches, and spiritual centers as well as study and interact with people from all religions.  I also enjoyed studying comparative religion, with a special attraction not just to Egypt, but to India, Sumeria and the Celtic culture.  I realized that all of these paths were leading me to the same place, which had to do with the ancient teachings of the mystery schools of ancient Egypt and Greece.  As I continued to work on myself spiritually, teachers began to appear to me in synchronistic ways, two of them from mystery schools that are very old and do not advertise, their belief is that if you are meant to find a teacher from one of these orders, your path will cross. When the time came, I did meet them and was able to study the teachings. This led to undergoing a series of rituals, which then fully opened the connection to my past lives, and remembering Who I Am, Where I Came From and What I Am Doing Here in the lifetime. A third mystery school that I studied with, which is a public school and is open to anyone, is Astara, which I highly recommend.  I now teach students at my mystery school, which is The Temple of Stella Maris, (www.templeofstellamaris.org)
PP: Did it take you a long time to write the 9 Life Altering Lessons?
KA: That’s a great question. Can I answer Yes and No. 🙂  I say Yes, because the book is based on lifetimes of learning bringing me to this point as a teacher of the ancient wisdom teachings, where I can effectively share this information, so the background work and research on this book, was literally lifetimes in the making.  As far as putting it onto paper, I find that I’m a fairly quick writer once I get started on a project. The actual writing of the book took 9 months. The number 9 was with me in many stages of this book and as in all things, I found this to be no accident.
PP: What are the main principles of the 9 Life Altering Lessons and what would be a prime example of these principles?
KA: The main principle of the book is to connect with the concept that we are not bound by the third dimensional world that we currently understand. We are able to explore, create and activate in the fourth, fifth and sixth dimensions and we are rapidly opening up to many more.  When working in these dimensions, we realize that we are limitless, ageless and part of the infinite. It is through this understanding where all magic takes place, in nature, on earth, in the higher realms and within and through each of us.

This is not a new concept that we are Creators and that we have the ability to be more than we imagined, we’ve been taught this throughout the ages. The principles in my book, the nine (life-altering) lessons, explain the journey taken by students who wish to explore this path and connect with this flow of energy.   I mention how everything “old is new age again”, meaning that these conceptual teachings have been with humanity from the start and continue to cycle throughout the ages.  They have been shared in “exoteric” form, which loosely explain how one can think about something enough to attract it to them, but this is not the full teaching.

Esoteric teachings explain the deep inner process, which takes a dedicated amount of study and transformation from the soul level. To be a Creator, there is work to be done and it requires more than wishing or thinking about it. There is a hermetic teaching, As Above, So Below, As Within, So Without.  This is a very deep teaching, which explains how the universe works and flows. It corresponds with who we are and that what we think about is expressed outwardly.  Each of the nine lessons build upon each other and are intertwined. For example, we really can’t explain As Above So Below, without referring to Lesson Five: We Are Greater Than We Remember Ourselves To Be, which discusses the axiom of Man Know Thyself, as was carved above temple doorways in ancient Greece. Until we can fully answer the question, Who Am I, it’s difficult to understand what is within or without or how we can activate and operate in the other dimensions. Humanity often searches outwardly to seek for answers, which leads to entertaining, but not necessarily enlightening answers. The knowledge you seek, is living inside of you at this moment. You have only but to seek to find.  This is why I say that I am not a teacher, but rather a guide, I am here to help you remember what you already know on a soul level.
PP: Can you give the readers a little insight into the magical universe we live in?
KA: Many of the fantasy movies you’ve seen, the books you’ve read, the thoughts you have, the dreams, no matter how fantastical, have truth in them.  You know this at a soul level, which is why the older and wiser the soul, the more you connect with the old ways and the new ways and are a dreamer and creative spirit. This is because you remember at a core level that anything and everything is possible. It feels very confusing sometimes to live here on the earth plane, where at this stage so many have forgotten about the magic of the universe and have tried to replace it with cold disconnected forms of logic, which physicists will one day prove, is completely illogical.  This is all part of the process and good comes from each experience. We move forward with each step, for we have moved out of a former period that was based on superstition without the balance of logical thought. The pendulum always swings widely to self-correct and we have been in a period of disconnection, where science became the new answer.  We are now headed toward a new period of understanding where science and spirituality will work together to further understand and uncover the mysteries of the universe in a more balanced and cohesive manner.

We are incredible beings made from the spark of pure light and the possibilities of what we can create are infinite. Some souls remember this and carry the magic with them back into this lifetime and do their best to share it with others. The good news is, we are moving into a new cycle on this earth plane where the Divine Feminine energy returns. We are in the last breath of a patriarchal cycle and it is going out with a bang with one last expression of masculine energy, with the best and the worst displays including war and destruction, but also with some of the greatest creations and inventions to connect us all in this world. With the matriarchal energy returning in 2012, we will see a return to inner and outward connectedness and love along with a return to the fluid energy of intuition, a deeper connection with nature, and experiencing beauty in its true form.  Each soul chose to come back at this time and should be honored as it takes a great amount of energy from each soul on the earth plane to assist with the transformation from an old cycle into a new one.  The biggest risk is getting bogged down and thinking that the sorrow and struggle that we see here is overwhelming and we begin to feel disconnected. In actuality, in times where it seems that all is lost and that we are at our darkest hour, this is when we are but moments from the new dawn where all is made new again! Talk about a magical universe, did you know that every morning, at sunrise, there is a harmonic vibration that activates the energy for that entire day? When one studies the esoteric teachings, you can connect with that vibrational energy at sunrise and go forth to create your day. The universe is a fluid existence and each thought, word, action and deed causes a ripple or wave in the energy that is carried throughout. Reflect on that for a moment and realize the greatness living within and amongst you!
PP: How are we the creation of our thoughts?
KA: Here’s how I explain it to my neophyte students, (neophyte meaning new to the teachings).  I state, “There is no reality, there is only perception”. I give this example:  Imagine we are all standing in a park observing the scene around us. In the distance, we see a small boy holding a red balloon. In this moment each of us begin to have thoughts about this scene. One of us thinks, I miss being a kid, I love balloons, another person thinks, Red balloon, that reminds me of that 80’s song, 99 red balloons, another person thinks, where is that child’s mother, I cannot believe this child has been abandoned and left unattended in the park, another person thinks, Why is that child allowed to have a balloon, how irresponsible, as that the balloon will be let go and it will litter the environment and possibly choke a bird, another person thinks about wanting a child of their own; I could continue with this for hours of what each person would think. The point is, which is the reality of all of the thoughts we had here?  Our thoughts run in tandem with our personal experiences, wants, fears and desires. How we see the world is based upon all of these things in which we then perceive and create judgment.  When we live in our lower selves, our ego is very strong and has the belief that it is right with what it believes and convinces us that we know the right thing and others are doing the wrong thing. It’s a complex system and contributes to 99 percent of the anger, sadness and disconnected feelings we have in life. Your thoughts create your beliefs, which in turn create who you are, how you feel, how you react, and how you live.

As a student of the ancient wisdom teachings, we learn to step out of ego and observe how our emotions can run out of control, which leads to so many problems in our life. We are human, and we have ego and emotions for a reason. The point is not for them to go away, but rather to master them, understanding their purpose and reining them in so they don’t run rampant and end up controlling us instead.
PP: How does one know that only the good is real? If the good is all that is real then what is the bad?
KA: As I say on Explore Your Spirit, “We are All One, One Energy, From One Light”.  This is the Alpha and the Omega, where it all begins and ends. The rest is the shadow, which is reflected in our fears.  These concepts are challenging to explain in a short answer, I’ll try to be as concise as I can. While we experience many emotions, when you boil them down to their basic nature, they are all connected to either love or fear.  We are born and created in the loving energy of the universe and come to this plane (playing field) to have experiences. During this process, we lose touch with our connection and the rest of the journey is to understand this connection and reconnect with it in different ways, thereby discovering and uncovering more about ourselves.  Along the way, we are met with unpleasant experiences. This leads to fear within us, as we wish not to feel further disconnected. When we feel fear, we describe it as bad, but even through that experience, we are learning more and growing, which is also expressed in the teaching, All that Happens, Happens for Good. Nine lessons goes into this concept in greater detail, as these are very esoteric, deep thought questions to ponder.
PP: In the 9 Life Altering Lessons you say “we are all one”, how so?
KA: To continue on this thought from the previous question, it is only here on the earth plane that we experience the concept of duality, male/female, summer/winter, yin/yang, sun/moon etc. We are all part of the one energy, which is seeking to know itself in continual unfolding levels. One way to do this is to experience the earth plane and its sense of duality. This journey teaches us more about ourselves and in doing so, brings this wisdom back into the greater consciousness. There are so many examples of how we are connected and part of the whole, which I discuss in depth in the book. One example I use to explain the concept of how we are separate but part of the whole is this visual… Each of us is a particle of sand and the (Universe/God/Goddess/Divine Energy) is the beach! Without the beach, a particle of sand is fairly meaningless, but without the sand, there is no beach…  To take this concept even deeper, it takes but a particle of sand in an oyster, to make a pearl…
PP: If we are all one what is the connecting factor that makes us so?
KA: Our soul, which is connected to the higher consciousness matrix. This matrix extends into every plane and we are each connected to it with a cord of energy running through us. This cord allows us to reach beyond our physical bodies into the higher realms.
PP: Can you explain to the readers what you meant when you said “We are greater than we remember ourselves to be”?
KA: Going back to where I discuss the magical universe in which we reside, I explain some of this concept. The point is, you simply are. Anything you have dreamed, you can achieve. Think back to some of the stories where the angels remarked that humanity was created in the image of God as well as being given the ultimate gift of free will. I mention the biblical reporting by angels as it’s so well known in the western world, but look at teachings of the eastern world as well as ancient wisdom and pagan teachings from around the world, they all say, we were given a great gift.  The esoteric teachings explain this gift in great detail and unravel its meaning to the core. One example of a teaching is the understanding that the earth was created with a word. A Word! And we are the only species on the earth plane with the power of speech, to express ourselves with words. Think about that, what power exists in the word and what do you create each day with your words? Has humanity been given gifts that are right under our noses and we don’t even recognize it?
PP: If we are as you say “children of the universe” and “we are limitless and ageless” then how is it that “all that exists is now”? Would it have not also existed in our pasts as well as our future, our destinies as it were?

In the past, we understood time to be a linear movement, like the historic timelines we were shown in school. Time does not move in a linear fashion, it is cyclical, it winds around. Ok, so here’s the bigger concept to understand. We do not go through time… time goes through us! We are standing still, while time flows by. This is a deep teaching and when one understands the depth of this wisdom, this is how one can access and create at every level.  We are all we have ever been or will be. It is the perception of time that allows us to connect with a certain moment and gives us perspective of past, present or future.  All that exists is now, now is all there is. The rest is perception of time. It’s a brain buster I’ll admit, which is why the esoteric teachings are studied for years and not easily explained in short bursts. Trying to explain this in the form of a short answer, already brings about more questions, such as, well if we are all that we have ever been or will be, what’s the point of doing anything, since it’s already been done, which is certainly a logical question. It goes back to that gift we were given of free will and what I mentioned earlier about the universe not being solid, but instead being fluid, and each ripple or wave we create, causes an impact. Thus we are fluid, time is fluid and the universe is fluid and ever changing, so we as creators, have the ability to change time and space. Wow, talk about being greater than we remember ourselves to be!  These are the life altering, mind bending questions that students discuss in the esoteric teachings and where I begin in the 9 lessons book.
PP: Can we look forward to reading any other books from you and if so I am going to get the first crack at it? LOL
KA: Thanks for asking. I’m working on my next book now and would love to share it with you when it’s released.  Right now, I’ve created a series of Guided Meditations for people who want a more interactive form of connecting with their higher selves. The series is a three-part edition including the Spirit of Hawaii, Egyptian Mystery Temple and Tibetan Mountain Journey. These meditations are unique, as they are active and take you on a journey where you interact with guides, teachers and beings from other worlds. The energy builds in each one, raising your vibrational energy through the chakras and moving your consciousness into the higher self.  The meditation series is available for download through Audible.com and iTunes and will be released in CD form through Amazon in April 2009.  I will also be traveling and conducting workshops this fall on the wisdom teachings of ancient Egypt as well as holding workshops through tele-seminars and webinars online. Updates on where I’ll be traveling, teaching and upcoming online seminars and workshops can be found by subscribing to our free newsletter on the Explore Your Spirit website.

PP: Bountiful Blessings go out to Kala Ambrose, thank you so very much for grating the readers and I such a fortuitous chance to get a firsthand look into the 9 life Altering Lessons. It has truly been awe inspiring. Again thank you.

KA: It was a pleasure to connect with you Michele, thank you for your time, your energy and the wonderful questions. From my heart to yours and to all of your readers, I wish you great joy and abundance and encourage you to remember what an amazing and special soul you are!

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