Celtic Awareness

Celtic Spirituality

Celtic Spirituality is and has always been based on the fundamental knowledge that all existence is born of cyclical nature and therefore, all existence whether human or from nature has a direct link connecting the otherworld to the realm of the material world. From the Druidic teachings handed down through the Welsh tradition we are shown that there is an unseen world that intermingles and affects our perceptible world.

Things are not always as they may seem. Everything that “is” exists on numerous synchronized levels. The human being, the cognitive creature that he is comprehends the world around him as having three dominions or levels as it were: the spiritual, the corporeal (physical), and the emblematic. Consequently, the Celtic culture became one with nature, thusly, expressing their beliefs through the varying possibilities of being. Moreover, Celtic religion has taught the appearance and manifestation of divine beings on Earth and reincarnation of the human soul.

The Celts saw every existing thing or being because being composed from the three realms of reality. These three realms overlie and interrelate with each other in magnificent ways. The astrophysical chart of the primordial Irish people consisted of three realms or spheres (Ord Draiochta na Uisnech, 2003).

known as the “Magh Mor (MOY-mor), Mide (Meath), and Tir Andomain (Cheer ANDO-vain.) In other words, the ancient Irish people “believed in the “Great Plain” of the upper realm of Sky, “Middleland” for the Earth (Land), and “Land-under-wave” for the lower realm of the Sea” (Ord Draiochta na Uisnech, 2003).

The Makeup of the Irish people’s entire reality existed of these three realms, which in combination made up their entire reality. There were and are no boundaries extricating these realms of being, the realms overlap and intermingle into on another; forever shifting and changing within time and realities.

The Three Realms

The Realm of Sky (Magh MOR)

The Realm of land (Mide)

The Realm of the Sea (Tir Andomain)

(Ord Draiochta na Uisnech, 2003)

Just as the Druids of the past we continue our search to seek out the boundaries, holding the thresholds of time and place as powerful and above all sacrosanct. The lands of Tir Andomain (Sea) and Magh Mor (sky) each have influence and authority in our mortal domain the realm of Mide (Land), just as the succession of the seasons is the caused by the oscillation of the Moon and Sun the cycles of death and life are affected by the sphere of the Sea which manifests itself into the realm of Mide (Land) (Ord Draiochta na Uisnech, 2003). Moreover, both Goddesses and Gods hold authority in Magh Mor, Mide, and Tir Andomain. Furthermore, even the mortal realm Mide influences the two other realms, for the depths of the lochs, the burial mounds, and even the caves are entrances to the underworld to the underworld.

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