Gems of the Goddess

Hecate:  The Great Mother

Hecate (also known as Hekate) is the Greek Goddess of the Crossroads.  Her name means the “The Distant One”.  She guards the household; she is the protector of everything newly born and the Goddess of Witchcraft.   Hecate completes the Triple Goddess of Maiden (Persephone), Mother (Demeter) and Crone (Hecate).   Some of her titles are “Goddess of the Dark Moon”, “Goddess of the Witches”, “Mistress of Magic” and “Great Mother”.   She is a very powerful and active goddess so if you invoke her, be ready for a lifetime of service to her.  Hecate helps us to understand the darkness of the night and life so we can experience the light in our lives.
Hecate was one of the only Goddesses who was allowed to retain her authority by Zeus once the Olympians took control.  She could give humanity anything they wanted or take it away.   Hecate also was one of the “virgin” goddesses (like her cousin Artemis) who wouldn’t sacrifice her independence for marriage.   As time went on, Hecate was unfairly classified as an “old hag” because she could assist during times of the dark moon, during mediumship, dreams and she had great experience with death and death transitions.  Despite that, she is also known as a “Moon Goddesses” and her rulership was three-fold – earth, sea and sky.  Because she could create or hold off storms, she is the goddess who was the protector of sailors.
Hecate helps you during the crossroads in your life.  She is known for her foresight.   Many are known to gathe r at the crossroads and leave leftovers outdoors as offerings.  Hecate was usually depicted with her sacred animals but these animals and even herself in some situations were shown with three heads.  These three heads were seeing into the past, present and future.  Hecate also traveled with an Owl.  An Owl represents wisdom and even though she isn’t known as the goddess of Wisdom, she rules trivia.  Hecate is known to have a special type of knowledge.  She is also known as a compassionate goddess that dispenses justice but know that it will be blind and fair justice.
Since Hecate has the gift of prophecy, she is known to have told a sad and frantic Demeter what had happened to Persephone.  Even when Persephone was in the Underworld (or the “Otherworld”), Hecate was welcomed by Hades, who was thankful that Hecate could be Persephone’s confidant and friend.  Because of this friendship, Hecate developed into a Goddess that was comfortable with the=2 0Underworld and the Dead, hence being seen as someone who would accept those that were misunderstood or shunned.  She was known to travel with outcasts as her role of “Queen of the Night”.  This role earned her a mixture of honor and fear because she was walking with those that lived on the outer fringe.
Because of her experience with the Underworld, Hecate also worked with people making their transition to the Underworld.  She would comfort them as they passed and would stay with them if they needed transition to the Underworld.  She knew of the mysteries of birth and death and could protect and assist with both.
Hecate is here to help you make your transitions in life – not just birth and death but the symbolic births and deaths.  Hecate pushes you to let go of what is familiar and comfortable so you may bring out the depths of your soul and know and experience your life lessons.  Her festival days are January 8, May 3, August 13, October 31, November 16 and December 31.  Her gemstones are Moonstone, black tourmaline, hematite, smoky quartz – dark stones.
Even though Hecate’s reputation is of an “old hag”, Hecate is far from it.  If you are looking for profound changes and digging deep to do the work for them, Hecate may be the Goddess for your transformation.