Let’s Spell it Out

Floralia: Beltane Renewal Spell with the Goddess Flora

When thinking of Beltane, we usually think of the practices from northern Europe, but we can actually trace some of the roots to ancient Roman Paganism.

The Romans honored many gods and goddesses, but during the Spring months, from the end of April to early May, the goddess Flora was celebrated with the flower festival Floralia.  Flora, the goddess of flowers, was the consort of Zephyrus and her major festival, Floralia, was associated with the dead as well as having strong sexual overtones.

She was mainly worshiped by young girls who would giver her offerings of fruit and flowers and drape her statues with garlands which were carried in a procession of singers and dancers to a flower-covered tree, the predecessor of the Maypole.  These practices were among many to be spread to other cultures after they were conquered by the Romans.

The Spell

This is a simple spell to help you tap into the renewing energies of Spring.  This is the perfect time to do some “Spring cleaning”, be it physical, emotional, spiritual or all three.  Take an inventory of the things that should remain with the dead of winter and toss them out, either physically (like cleaning out your closet) or symbolically (clearing out the cobwebs of your life).  What you have left, the important things that you wish to cultivate and harvest this year, plant like seeds now.  Also, make sure to remain open to all opportunities that come your way to help make you dreams come to fruition.


·        offering to Flora (fruit, flowers or some other form of offering)

·        pen and paper

You may begin by creating sacred space or casting a circle, whichever works better for you is fine.  If you have a statue or a picture of Flora, it would be nice to drape it with a garland (a flower Lei would work for this).  If you would like, you and also burn a floral incense or light flower-shaped candles.  When you feel you are ready, call to Flora:

“Flora, goddess of flowers and Spring,

Whose worshippers would dance and sing;

I call to You this fist of May,

To renew my life on this Spring day.”

Make a list of the things that you wish to leave behind, the things that you wish to leave in the dead of winter to be recycled by Mother Earth and transformed into something new.  If you need to, take the time to make notes as to how to remove these bad habits form your life.  When done, say:

“I leave my past behind, it’s dead and buried,

Gone are the days all crazy and harried.

I open myself to life anew

And I do it with the aid of You.”

Now, make a list of the things that you wish to plant like seeds, the things that you wish to grow and harvest this year.  Take the time to “check off” each thought-seed on your list, see in your minds-eye it growing to fruition.  If you feel so inclined, Meditate and ask Flora for Her guidance and wisdom.  Place your offering upon the altar and say:

“Please guide my path, show me the way.

I open new doors each and every day.

In return I give these offerings to You,

My thanks for aiding me in what I do.”

In your own words, say thanks to Flora.  Leave the offerings until morning.  Keep checking in on your lists, taking the proper steps to grow your seeds!


·        Beltane by Raven Grimassi

·        Encyclopedia of the Gods by Michael Jordan