Nite Rites

Home Cleansing Rite

A solitary ritual to spiritually cleanse your home.



Sage bundle

Abalone shell


Holy water/oil

Broom (besom)



Jar candle (small, light yellow or blue)

Chalice with drink (your choice)

Plate of offering (your choice)

*Tea light candle and holder (one for each window)


Place an unlit tea light in a holder on each window sill in your home. Place your athame, chalice and plate of offering on your altar. Set the tray on another table in your ritual room, and place the matches, jar candle, holy water, bell, sage bundle and shell on it. Lean the broom on the wall next to your home’s main entrance. Next, shower/bathe in only candlelight before dressing in your traditional ritual robes and jewelry.


Sit down on the floor of your ritual room, and place the palms of your hands together, in a prayer-like position, bringing them in close to your body.  Inhale deeply and hold for a few moments, then exhale. While you are doing this, imagine your personal energies beginning to swirl within you, centering around your solar plexus. Do this until you can feel the hum of energy moving and spinning in your body.

When you are ready, stand and pick up your athame. Go to the center of the room.

Pointing your athame to the West, and say:

By the waters at the dock,

Point to the East and say:

and the fog of haze,

Point to the North and say:

By hardness of the rock

Point to the South and say:

and the heat of blaze,

Walk a complete circle deosil (clockwise) and say:

I cast this circle with the power of elements four,

Point the athame to the sky and say:

And the power of the fifth is at my core.

Point your athame to the floor and say:

This circle is cast. So mote it be.

Put your athame down on your altar. Go over to the table with your tray of ritual items.  Forcefully clap your hands together and then rub them together for a few moments. You should feel the energy growing within and between them.

Anoint the top of your left hand with the holy water/oil in the shape of a God symbol, while saying:

I anoint myself in the name of the God. May my hands yield the banishing power of the God.

Anoint the top of your right hand with the holy water/oil in the shape of a Goddess symbol, while saying:

I anoint myself in the name of the Goddess. May my hands yield the purifying power of the Goddess.

Place the anointment water/oil back on the tray. Light the jar candle on the tray and say:

May the universal energy move as I wish, as I cleanse this space.

Light the bundle of sage, but then blow out the flames, so the bundle is only gently smoking. Place inside the abalone shell (to catch the ashes).

Pick up the tray and walk to the main entrance of the home. Pick up the bundle of sage and draw a banishing pentagram in the air. Then, ring the bell three times. Anoint the door knob with the holy water/oil. Repeat:

Smoke in air and music sound

May my blessings carry ‘round

With sage and chime,

Now is the time,

To drive away all harm and fear

Only good may dwell in here.

Move widdershins (counterclockwise) through the house, repeating the actions and verse at each window and outside door.

Light the tea light candles at each window (watch out for the curtains!) and anoint their sills with the holy water/oil.

End by returning once more to the home’s main entrance. Open door and use broom to sweep outside all that is unwanted, saying:

Be gone with you, the toxic and the foul,

Reside no more and end your prowl.

You are welcome not in this abode,

I am captive no more of your heavy load.

Return the tray to your ritual room, and then move around the house deosil (clockwise) going to each window. Open the window, being careful not to knock over the candle! Repeat:

With this candles flame and smoke,

the power of negativity I revoke!

Blow out the candle, blowing the smoke out of the window, then close the window. Move on to each of the tea lights in the windows until they are all blown out, then return to the ritual room.

Pick up the chalice and plate of offerings and go to your home’s main entrance that leads outside.  Using your own words, offer the God and Goddess your libations and a taste of your offering. Pour some of the drink on the ground outside, and toss some of your offering on the ground too.

Return to the ritual room. Partake of the remaining drink and food, while thinking about all the positive energy now attracted to your home since you have banished all the negative forces.

Thank the God and Goddess in your own way.

When you are ready to end the rite and open the circle, stand up  hold your hands high about your head with your palms facing up. As you repeat this, slowly bring your hands down to your sides (palms down) and sink the circle’s energy into the floor and ground beneath:

By the waters at the dock and the fog of haze,

By hardness of the rock and by the heat of blaze,

I open this circle with heart pure this night,

May the power of the elements stay or take flight.

Within me, my spirit is at home and remains

Renewed and refreshed like the powerful rains.

So mote it be.

Blow out the jar candle after the circle’s energy has dissipated. Place it on the mantle above your fireplace or in the family room. Repeat this ritual whenever you feel the need.


*Please use caution and common sense when burning candles.